3rd year part: Animatic


After running the animatic through had realized made a giant mistake of misspelling the word balloon in the title. Spelling it with “Ballon”  This can not happen in the actual animation.

Had realized for my submission, the thing I had submitted was not a shot list but just an excel list keeping track of how long each shot is, the camera row to be filled yes or no if the camera has been animated each section.  Also had just realized several spelling errors.

In conclusion: if I were to create an actual shot list I would need to write a description of what’s happening in each shot, camera movement, and camera angle.


3rd year part: Issues

8/ November/ 2017

After blocking out the dress for the girl character, decided to   try out Ncloth again.  The collider body kept disappearing, so tried to delete all the history.  The software crashed.  Opened up an old save before the Ncloth experiment, still had same issue.  So, re import the items in a new scene. Same issue, made sure the body wasn’t keyed to disappear. Tried again to delete history, the program didn’t crash again but the body still disappeared.

Feedback: Try importing   it into 3dsmax then re import it again.

Tried the suggestion, it worked

Disclaimer: Music audio swiped from the youtube library

Upon reopening the file when trying to move the dress, it would turn into different things. Thought this was interesting and would like to recreate this in the actual animation but not when I’m trying to model something.

In conclusion: going to have to find out what is the cause of this happening, to prevent it happening in the modelling stage however possibly implement it in the animation phase.

3 TAG 7% glitch layred together jpg

Decided to experiment with the shapes. Screenshot-ted the video footage of the glitches happening and overlapped them, as idea generation of what can be incorporated into the animation.

8 DUOUBLE TAG 20%  glitch.jpg

As a second attempt, added overlapping pinks, blues and green squares In the background.

After creating these experiments, just realized I don’t need to incorporate any of this, since people thought the animation is already confusing as it is. This may or may not be part of a side project separate from the main thesis film.  In the process of trying to make the animation less confusing not add more layers that would make the meaning of the animation even less clear.



3rd year part 27: Tests

In this post is mainly experiments.

3/ November / 2017

Decided to  test on something simple, with the idea if it doesn’t work then can think up a different alternative quickly, instead of  going straight to the real clothing and wasting time trying to fix it.

Test 1
At first experimented with  Ncloth by having a ball as a colider with a simple plane.
It just slipped off.
Thought maybe it slipped off because it’s a ball.

Test 2
Since thought maybe it slipped of because it’s a ball, tried a   cube as a colider.
Same issue.  Realized there was  different fabric properties. Played around with that.  Didn’t help the issue it just made the fabric slip off at different speeds.

Test 3:
Tried extruding bits on the cube to  stop the fabric falling off. Holes In the plane that’s acting as a fabric for where the extrusion comes through. The fabric  not only slipped off but it collided with the item.

Since modeled the hat and some of the details, decided to experimented with NCloth again  with the ribbon and hat.

Hat  Test 1
Simply combined   the  feather plane and ribbon. The feather plane just fell off.

Test 2 hat ribbon:
Bridge feather plane that’s handing of the hat to the  one going around the hat.  It moves too high plus the second time round  it plays In the time slider it collides with the hat.

Test 3 hat:
Made a whole in the ribbon, extruded parts of the hat to see if it stopped the ribbon moving so much.
This caused another issue, the ribbon just comes straight off the  extruded section and collide completely with the hat.

The part that is hanging off the hat seem to be doing  well, you don’t need the  ribbon wrap around the hat, that section can be textured. Then suggested the ( The feather plane that’s hanging of the  hat) to be wrapped around the extrusion of the hat.

Decided to sort out some more possible solutions by   asking people  on a forum in reddit.
Feedback:1 reddit answer hat

In conclusion: going to try out that suggestions from the feedback, if it fails,  going to just rig  the  feather plane and manually animate it.

3rd Year part 26: Pitch and feedback

Showed version 2 draft storyboard and  a pitch to a group of people.

Why is there an egg and balloon? Cut out the egg and balloon
Why is there balloons?
The masked man doesn’t need to be a father figure. Might be more powerful without it and his a bystander/ like the audience.
Strip it back.
How long is the animation?
Lots of symbolism, some of it might get confusing
The balloons rising is powerful symbolism, just not touching the egg.
The audience might not make the connection the women Is the girl.
Why is the women shattering the masked man’s ashes
Not keen on the banana phone and car crash. He can still be calling authorities and nothing happening.

Is the blue silhouette part of the design?
Mentioned no that’s just to help me to draw.
They commented that, that’s good because the blue clashes, since people have had just black silhouettes as characters before.

In conclusion: after receiving the feedback going to strip back what happens in the animation and focus it all into the child prostitution theme, make it clearer the women is the girl, cut scenes like the balloons touching the egg.  Also rethink who is the masked man to the girl and what are the visual metaphors to make the intended meaning clearer.

3rd year part 24: Design

4  label  other sketch 7%  by side foot.jpg

Went on a art sharing site to poll which body or head people prefer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most people preferred the Body Type C however people was divided between the heads.
In conclusion: I may use a range of heads in the animation.

v1 colour pallet

As a first attempt at a colour pallet first coloured picked from the colours I already used In the characters designs, then for the circles colur picked from  different images of preexisting images of the circus, zen gardens and steam punk.

-Circles: backgrounds
-Pentagon: coloured picked from  the little girl character all ready used.
-The rounded rectangles: colour picked from  the masked man
-The squares: colour picked from  the “ other character” design.

– Ignore the circles
-Pick out one image from a film  or artwork instead of multiple images to colour pick from, then mute the colours.
– You have many separate colour pallets, a colour pallet is suppose to be the colour pallet for the whole film.
-Some of these colours look the same just different tones.
-orange and teal is a poplar colour pallet.
-purple is rare in a colour pallet.

In conclusion:  going  research more about colour pallets, design some backgrounds and maybe the colours might come more naturally.

3 TAG ON HAIR girl heads collection

After looking at colour pallets, re-looked at the colours of the girl. Instead of just changing the fringe colour, changed all the colours form the hue section on Photoshop to see  what skin colour of the hair combo might work better.

Shown someone  the 5 different colours and the original coloured one

Feedback: number 1 red girl, the skin colour looks more natural. The hair looks more relatable, I never see people with yellow and blue hair. The yellow and blue hair looks to forced.

Person 2: purple because back in the day they used to line coffins with that colour and to look at colour symbolisms.

Here is some other feedback from forums, where they have no idea what my project is about for more impartial feedback. The only thing that gave away what I was trying to aim for was the description “Egyptian creepy doll style”

2.1 feedback1.1 girl feedback4.1 girl feedback7 girl feedback3.1 girl feedback8 girl feedback5.1 girl feedback6 girl feedback9 girl l feedback

From feedback, most people seem to have gone for   6 or 9. Thinking about it red is overplayed in media so red hair shall be avoided. A couple went for number 4 while 3 people went with the yellow hair.

Decided to research the colour symbolism of gold and yellow for 00.

At first designed the hair as gold with the idea of fool’s gold, it looks important what she’s worthless and disposable.
Gold hair for the girl for research of symbolism: eye catching, value like her virginity the mother is trying to sell off to clients, fear of failure, lacking kindness, misery, lack of trust. Some positive connotations stated: wisdom, understanding, love and charismatic, positive, elegance, all those things she can symbolize when with the masked man. It also lists the word Enlighted, which she can be and leads to her suicide at the end.

For the symbolism of yellow it mentions: in Egypt symbolise death, unstable, spontaneous, relaxed, loyalty, joy, intellect, honor, a coward. A dull yellow symbolizes; sickness, jealousy and cation.  From research, it also outlines little amounts of yellow symbolize: isolation, low self-esteem insecurity and fear; all those aspects I’m trying to instill in the characterization of the girl.

In conclusion: Logically if going with colour popularity the girl’s hair would be (09) purple. However, in the thesis film its most likely going to be 00 (yellow) from the symbolism and how people mentioned they haven’t seen that colour combo before.

3rd year part 22: swords

This post looks at swords for mainly authentic research therefore making it relevant to the project.

1 swords

At first looked at generic swords.

2 sword stands

After looking at swords started looking at sword stands, with the idea before the big close up of the masked man holding the sword, it can be in the background in the game room. Where people may not take notice of unless they watched the animation twice.
In conclusion: after looking at the reference images, there’s normally 2 stands. The first stand is lower that holds the sword sheath while the top stand is higher and holds the actual sword.

3 fencing swords

Had just remembered that fencing is a sword sport. Therefore, looking at fencing swords are relevant. These are mainly sabers and one pistol grip. There’s an amount of sportsmanship and mannerism in fencing, what fits perfectly to the masked man’s character.

Thought about why is the masked man holding a fencing sword to kill someone, it doesn’t really have any cutting power, just stabbing power.
Decided to research about katanas since that is a well-known sword, from research they are prized for its cutting power. However, a katana doesn’t really fit the Victorian theme of the animation. The only explanation it’s a katana is the idea a masked man was a traveling man   since he was part of the circus when he was alive as well as ties in why he has a zen garden.

From research, the most famous swords are mainly from leaders of the army.

4 swords

Since most of the aesthetics of the animation was heavy Victorian inspired, it made sense to searched up Victorian swords. Most of them looked like they had a French influence with them just looking like fencing saber swords with slightly thicker real blades.
Found it interesting on one of the hilts, it’s a shape of animal.

In conclusion: going to model a saber sword with some sort of bird hilt since the masked man has a bird as a mask, as well as fit in better with the time the animation is set. While designing the sword   need to think was the sword from a war, if yes what rank the masked man was. If sticking to timeline of Victorian times some research into the Crimean War or other wars during the time.


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3rd year part 21: Urns

This post looks at urns for authentic research therefore making it relevant to the project.

1 urn

2 urn

This post looks at urns for authentic research therefore making it relevant to the project.

3 urn

Since the girl design is part influenced by Egyptians and they have large beliefs systems   about the afterlife, decided to look at Canopic jars.

In conclusion: from research and thinking about how the girl as a woman hold the urn.  Most likely going to combine the shape of the blue urn in the 1st image with some sort of head as the lid, after looking at Egyptian jars.  Going need to think about what decorative design can be on the jar.

As a backup plan if unable to animate the scattering of the ashes, can have the girl as a woman throw   the masked man’s liver in the waters.  At first thought about the girl throwing the heart into the waters, however that’s normally mummified with the deceased. Things like the liver was placed in the canopic jar.



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3rd year part 20: Victorian prostitutes.

In this post looked at some aesthetics of Victorian prostitutes and some history about them. This research is relevant since the child and masked man is somewhat aesthetically drawn inspired by the Victorian era, it makes sense for the mother to be drawn with similar clothing too.

1 victorian prostition

Some modern renditions.

2 victorian prostition

Some powerful madams

3 madams4 madamn

Some notes from research:
Some madams stole children to sell for prostitution.

casual prostitutes were more common the full-time prostitutes. Most of the time the husbands encouraged their wives to be one.  Any suspected prostitutes were forced to be inspected.

3 class of prostitutes
Lowest class walked the streets and used brothels
Middle class ones had their own apartments
High class prostitutes is supported by one client and financially independent.

From another source
It mentions the husbands just saw their wives as properties so would pimp them out as much as they please.

Child prostitution was legal. Age of concept was 13, however Lower-class family’s would sell their children male or female as young as 11 to prostitution. An article suggested parents to drug their children with chloroform so the children won’t struggle against the rapist. Due to this article, the public was horrified to what they read and this is the reason why the age of consent is now 16.

In some other articles, it stated children ages as young as 8 sold to prostitution.

Since prostitution was legal back then, women most commonly were arrested for drunkenness or gathering in streets. Prostitutes advertised themselves in sport guides that detailed their psychical descriptions, cost, personality and age.

Looked into American prostitution in mainly in the 19th century.

Prostitution was a highly lucrative business. Successful madams had masses of lands and became one of the wealthiest people in the country and was normally dressed richest in the area.

Red lipstick.

Quote “ Rogers provided her prostitutes with personal hairstylists and dressmakers, ensuring that they were among the most stylish women in the world.

Quote “Prostitutes in a 1916 study reported earnings between $30 to $50 per week, at a time when skilled male trade union members averaged roughly $20 per week. “this was at the time women was banned from most work.  Its stated some women worked for $3,  $5 -$6 in a factory  a week but quit  it to work In the lucrative  prostitution job.  The lowest prostitutes average between $1 to $5 per act. less successful brothels tend to be the ones that   abused their workers.

Since it was tricky trying to find reference images that aren’t just black and white with women holding their dress up or modern day take of Victorian prostitutes. Decided to ask people in the reddit forums the aesthetics of Victorian prostitutes.


In conclusion: going to have a scene to suggest the mother selling the daughter to men for money and that part of the reason why as a women/ teen commits suicide at the end. To think about if the mother is a normal prostitute worker or the madman and what class of prostitute is she. Since the research of what prostitutes looked like has been polluted it modern day interpretations of it, going to further look at Victorian dresses. However, for a starting point going to think about the mother looking out of place by how she acts, possible excessive amount of accessories. From research of the artworks/ text or modern renditions going to think about have the: breasts more exposed, sleeves going higher up the arm. Since planning to have the mother have no class, some scandalous ankle to show.
Since finding out this research, going to make a u-turn of the theme of the thesis film.  Going to strip most of the reincarnation themes out and instill the child abuse theme back in.



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3rd year part 19: oddities/ séance rooms

In this blog looked at oddities rooms and  psychic / séance rooms as part of aesthetic  research.

Decided to watch some videos on oddities  rooms while taking note what type of things are in them, as inspiration of what can be in the masked man game room for the thesis film.

Many dead animal bones, fur, rocks, butterfly’s, birds, things in jars, shells, glass casings, things in frames, dead rodents, insects, some with fluid  tend to be the items that aren’t just bone but still have flesh on them  are not. Some of the bones have been drawn on, dressed  or metal bits stuck to them.

Dead animals in jars of fluid, a spine with parts of a brain and eyes, things in jars, heads mounted on walls, glass cabinets, rectangular tables, candles, skulls, skulls on top of polls, mirrors, dead monkey on top of  a dead dog, dead unborn baby white monkeys floating in jars, old leather chair, red curtains and mounted old guns.

Many dead humans and animals, exploded skull reconstructed, sliced up bones, shrunken heads  that blackened, lace on some of the dead animals, mummified heads.

Dead taxidermy animals in jars and glass square cabinets, deformed animals,  rectangular frames,  rectangular tables, monkey paw, mummy head, liquid in jars are yellowish in colour, mounted dead animal heads, circular lights,  dead fish, skulls,  poisons,  medical kits, old sex toys, mummified cat, skeleton, baby dolls that move on all 4’s.

In conclusion: for the oddities rooms there’s a lot of dead items, decorated bones,  things in frames and jars in display. Going to incorporate those things in the masked man game room.

Decided to look at fortune telling/ séance rooms since that’s what’s associated with circus’s as well as links to the death theme of the animation.

1 oddites or seance6 oddites or seance

Skulls, light source. 7 oddites or seance

In conclusion: psychic rooms has a generic  looking glass ball in the rooms. For  psychic / séance rooms, round tables are common with a piece of fabric on top, the ones you don’t see fabric, it has a wooden top exposed. Dark reds or creamy white seems to be commonly used.


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