3RD year part 52: record of making

9/ April / 2018

error girl ncloth

Still many issues with Ncloth.  Each nCache kept trying to position the hands further and further away from the body.

Had to create new blendshapes for the hair within the actual scenes. Most of the ones previously created didn’t fit the movement of the head or went through the body.

Since I had scaled down snabirtle significantly had to rescale the Xgen hair. There seemed to be a glitch when I moved the camera around the hair, it would either rotate around or create a bold patch.

In conclusion: Worst case scenario Snabirtles xgen hair will be turned off and he only have  the painted texture on show.

Due to the failed attempt of the mother throwing the girl to black hands thought about having it cut straight to when the girl is already in the air. Did a few camera tests with a rough placement of the girl going into the black hands. Lots of twisting of the joints.

For attempt 1 tried attaching the camera to the girl, but then realized the camera angles doesn’t make sense where that view was coming from, with it just looking at the girl’s face.

For attempt 2: tried the point of view of the girl. This camera angle was pointless since you don’t see much on the screen just empty space.

Attempt 3 seemed like too much movement.

Attempt 6: doesn’t seem to have much impact of the girl being thrown however since the masked man hand is covering most of the black hands. That’s less to animate as well as: make the audience wonder what it is. Goes with the idea that the masked man is just a watcher, a non-responsive audience member watching but not doing anything to help the girl.

In conclusion: going to go with camera angle in test 6

After first trying to figure out how to make money rain in After effects by watching tutorials Most of them mentioned you need “ Trapcode”  and didn’t have the same  setting in  my version of After effects, decided to try out Maya.

In Maya when I tried to move the original Money mesh the particles stopped working half the time. When I tried to move the emitter half the time the particles didn’t follow it and stayed where it was or stopped working.

While importing the set-up particles to the “outside circus” scene. Had tried to make the floor a collider however it still went through the floor. Ideally the money would twist and bend while its falling to the ground.

In conclusion:  due to the lack of time just going to leave the money going through the floor and move on to other scenes. If there’s time I’ll animate the money twisting and turning when the other scenes are done.

(Test render)

The money is too dark going to need to add an extra light shining to the money. For test 1 tried having the camera zoom out while you see the mother’s hair grow and see her turn as a monster. For test 2 tried reversing the clip to see what it looks like.
In test 1 the focus becomes more of the mother of how she’s a monster where as in test 2 some of the focus is on the money.

In conclusion: going to need to think about which effect to go for. In the animatic the focus is supposed to be on the money.

I prefer the 2nd test 1 seems weird with the hair growing.


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3RD year part 51: Money Test

Rigged then add attributes to the joints for the green mesh that’s going to represent money, haven’t skin weighted it yet for this first rig test. The joints keep moving slightly away from the mesh however since its paper and not a body, skinweights might not need to be painted. At 0:10 and 0:42 noticed black areas appear because the 2 surfaces are colliding.

In conclusion to solve this I need to either: not animate it going into those positions, skin weight it or make the cuboid thicker.

Tried to animate the short money fanning scene.
After test 1 realized it was too long so shortened it to having it fan twice instead of 3 times.
Test 2 looked off.
Feedback: it might look better when you turn it green.

For test 3 turned the textures on and realized the money was clipping each other or the ones that started behind certain ones ended up in front. Tried to correct all that however the movement still looks unnatural.

The head looked a bit stiff so in test 7 tried to add some movement to the head and have her have a neutral expression to the smile, it ended up being too much.

In test 8 tried to limit the amount of movement in the head but still have a little movement. The animation still looks unnatural, maybe because the hair is not animated, the fingers don’t spread in or out. There might be too much movement for the money with some of the pieces sliding off to different positions.

In conclusion: for now, going to leave it and move on to another scene.


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3RD year part 49: blocked animation

Link 1:

Back up link:

Back up link 2:

Decided to try out Dailymotion video sharing site.  The compression of that site made the video into a lower resolution compared to YouTube or Vimeo.

Comparing the animatic to this 3D blocked out version. Worked on feedback from the animatic and tried to place the masked man on the left of the screen most of the time, as well as added a scene to make it clear the 3 is a family unit. (when they walk towards the circus)

The animatic was 3:47 long while the blocked-out animation ended up 4 min 49 seconds long. Thought I had over estimated the shot length in the animatic, turns out I underestimated most of them. Some of the shots need to be cut out or reworked, the pacing of the animation seems very slow and boring, it takes longer then it should to get to the interesting sections like the water.  Hopefully when I add music or sound in the animation would seem less dry to watch in general.

Only realized after the submission, playing back the video, there’s lot of glitching, scenes being cut off. Need to be careful of this when I’m editing the rendered shots together.

Some of the shots was done by screen capture instead of Playblast. Need to Playblast those scenes to check the real timing since the movement seems a lot slower and jerky then it should be.

For the production deadline submitted a 3D Blocked out animation with a few shots still having the 2D animatic images as place holders and the evaluation document. Better time management is needed wasn’t able to submit a fully animated animation that is ready to render or  the test renders.

In the animatic had the title as “The man with the balloon” while in this blocked version decided on “Snabirtle circus”. Since with the previous title, seems like I was just trying to force the balloon imagery into the animation because of the title. Whereas “Snabirtle circus” would lead people to think straight away sections of this animation is set in a circus. Short two words whereas the original is a whole sentence. The risk with it calling it “Snabirtle circus” because Snabirtle is a made-up word people might not remember what the animation is called. The word circus already has the connotation of danger, wonderment and curiosity which fits the themes of the thesis animation.

Fatal error:
Thankfully the evaluation document was submitted on time however the blocked-out animation ended up being 4 minutes late.  The submission portal claimed to be a maximum of 12.5gb however when I tried to submit the blocked-out animation had a message pop up saying “maximum file size is 512mb” the video by itself exceeded that amount. Tried to zip it up, compressed the video in different ways, it was still too big. Ended up taking time to re-render the video in Premier in a lot lower setting.  The blocked-out animation took a ridiculous amount of time to upload to the submission folder.

Showed someone the blocked-out animation.
 I don’t get it, what the fuck is it about? why is he humping the red thing? That’s disgusting, didn’t like how his touching the girl up or how the water was clipping the camera.  Since it cuts to a different shot couldn’t you just take that frame out? Did you get raped as a kid? this is very confusing. Some of the scenes seem really slow while the others were too fast.

In conclusion:
Need to check what the maximum size each file can be uploaded, to make files as small as possible with the lowest settings possible.
People can tell there’s a rape theme to the animation.
– Better time management
Need to work on the pacing and shot length.
-Either work in making the scenes less confusing so the audience, so they can tell what the storyline is about or purposely make it even more confusing with ridiculous amount of effects on top.
-Since in the feedback someone mentioned “Red thing” and not circus, need to work on texturing it to make it clear it’s a circus tent.


3rd year part 48: issues

3 issue import playblast

While trying to import some of the Playblast videos into Premier this error message kept popping up. At first tried redoing the affected Play blasts. That didn’t work, the videos work when clicking them in the file explorer so ended up screen capturing the Play blasts. Realized the affected Playblasts was over 2gb while the ones that worked fine was either less then 1gb or just over.


Had tried several attempts at the mother throwing the girl. It did not go well. There were odd glitches in the rotation of the hips tried to fix it in the graphic editor but ended up making it worse, the whole thing looked unnatural. Tried to give the impression she picks her up, turns, rips her off her body then throw her. Ended up not putting this in the blocked animation submission since this needs a complete redo.
In conclusion: need to think of camera shots that make the illusion that the girl has been thrown from her mother without the actual action.

In test 1 had to playblast it to see it play out in normal speed. Realized there was some odd rotations.

Feedback:   there’s a lot of the view of the background, you need to increase the focus, avoid copying and pasting the keys and do it manually.

Had made a few attempts to have the camera rotate fully from front to back of the mother however issues occurred, so in test 2 In the video manually had it cut to certain positions straightaway as well as worked on the feedback of increasing the focus of the camera.

3RD year part 47: record of making

In this post is a test animation to test: appearing, disappearing, colour change.

Realized you can key opacity and colours.
In test 2 I had increased the amount of edge loops, placed a different shade to know which section I was keying. This was for the sword appearing scene. When it first didn’t work thought it was because of the Phong E texture, removed it changed It to Lambert, it worked. Changed it back to Phonge E it worked again. However, when I reopened the file the keyed opacity stopped working. Decided to try and find a solution on After Effects for the same result.

In test 3 tried disintegration appear and disappearing, this can be used when the girl disappears and possibly the same for the sword to appear in the scene.

In conclusion: going to make things appear or disappear in after effects instead of Maya and need to figure out how to make the it appears from left to right.


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3rd year part 46: more issues

In this post is about record of making during the animating process. Mainly Ncloth issues, a little about the referencing and saving issues.

Ncloth issue, at first thought it was because the character was moving too fast to get into position however realized it’s because I Set the nCache in the middle of the timeline instead of   frame -100 where the masked man starts in a T-pose going into the pose.

Played it though the timeline, for some odd reason the coat enlarged itself then started floating from left to right. Thought it was the same issue as last time so started the nCache at frame -100, same issue. Ended up taking off the Ncloth then reapplying it. Need to play around with the gravity settings for the coat to fall from the legs. For now, going to leave the clothing and focus on the actual character animations in other scenes.  (The reason why the leg goes through the chair In the video is because you don’t actually see that animation in the final peace, did it to have the Ncloth settle into position)

10 curruption wont save

While trying to save, Maya crashed. Reopened the file and it only showed this. Checked the outliner the mesh doesn’t exist. Ended up opening an old save then redoing parts of the animation for that scene.





In two separate occasions, I changed the environment then tried to swap out the reference files.  The lamp turned into these. Ended up deleted the reference file then referenced the game room into the scene without reloading it from an old connection. Had to redo some of the prop animations.

4 in maya

This is what the lamp looks like before the glitches. At a couple of points the rig kept Un-skinning itself from the mesh, when I reopen the file it turns out fine.

In conclusion: going to have to find out why the rig keeps un-skinning itself, why the files keep crashing, there’s issues when replacing files for referenced files, Ncloth is the source of many problems during this project. At this stage if there’s major issues with the Ncloth that a different camera angle can’t fix, the character is going to have to go naked. The first glitched version of the lamp looks interesting, going to try to create something similar with tiers to the lamp, at the end if there’s time.

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3rd year part 45: record of making

2 TAG 36% dynamic

Test rendered the environment with no lighting, it looks off putting.  Going to have to retexture after I had animated the characters. Noticed some of the mother’s skin is visible where there should be a dress.

In conclusion going to either scale the dress slightly or play around with the Ncloth more afterwards.

Asked someone what they think the relationship of the characters was, who does the girl prefer and as such.

Feedback:  she prefers the father because she’s holding his hand while the mother is holding the girl’s wrist with a larger gap between them. They look like mother father child.

In conclusion: so far, I have meet the intention of the family dynamic.

6 rotate issue

When I rotated the head the character glitched, with odd stripes coming out, the eyes came out the socket. Closed the file and reopened it, it worked fine after that.

33 curroption

Opened a file to animate in, it opened up like this. Closed it down then reopened it, it was fine after that.

In conclusion: maybe the scenes are too heavy therefore these glitches are happening. Have noticed when Xgen hair is switched on the program slows down drastically.

5 masked ncloth issueThe Ncloth comes off the arm.

In conclusion: the 2 arms are too close to each other going to need to place more distance from each other.

3 girl TAG 59% sleave2 leg cross

More Ncloth issues, possibly the same issue as the masked man.

4 girl TAG 37% sleave

In conclusion if after a few more attempts and the issue is not solved, since it looks okay this side going to change some camera angles to hide the problem areas. Decided to take off the over skirt for now, going to focus on the main animation. The overlay skirt does nothing for the story it’s just aesthetics that would unnecessary take a large chunk of the animating time to re position each time.

3rd year part 44: Ncloth, rigging, constraints

This blog is mainly about Ncloth tests then a little about the rigging and constraints issues.

(Ignore the animation was testing out the Ncloth)

Had issues with the Ncloth when trying to reference the character. When I did fresh imports the Ncloth worked.  When tried to reference the character with Ncloth It didn’t work along with the hat shrinks it goes to the side of the neck for some odd reason. Tried taking off the Ncloth and reapplying the  Ncloth  In the actual animation scene, it didn’t work. Made sure to clear the nCache data from the original file before it is referenced in, didn’t work.  Went on Reddit in search of an answer.   Thought maybe is it just the masked man issue, tried the other characters with clothes, they all have the same issue.

At this stage decided to just have the characters have fresh import instead of having them referenced in the scene. Had to double check it was fine before importing it into the animated scene.

Sleeve rig and Ncloth test.

Realized the sleeve rig did not have the desired effect and would take too long to re-position it each time the character moves her hand. I could have changed the position of the root joint however it would still take time to animate the sleeve. Decided to unskin it and apply a ncloth to it. The ncloth allows the sleeve to move more naturally, cutting the time needed to animate it. Played around with the Ncloth properties for all the characters.

In conclusion: wasted time on rigging and blendshaping a sleeve for it  to only be replaced with Ncloth.

There will be no sitting animation just had it going from the T pose to sitting for the ncloth to settle.

Had tried making the seat a collider to the Nucleus, the dress would fly up.  The position of the arm caused the sleeve to come off, solve this issue by having the arm more away from the body. Took the collider off the seat, the dress as expected goes right through it.  Tired blend shaping the dress, for some reason the Ncloth makes it void. Thought maybe having it at the new shape would fix the issue, wrong. Played it In the timeline the dress would move and clip the body.

After wasting a day and a bit just over something that should be so simple as placing a character in a seating pose in the scene, decided at this stage just going to have to cover up the mess by placing the “other” character in front of the mother and have to  work the camera angles. This is going to be a big issue because there are sitting possess for the other characters at other stages of the animation. For those scenes might consider having the characters sit on a stool with no back.

Had issues with the black hands because   when I scaled the root controller the child controllers didn’t follow the rig.  Parented the child controllers to the root controllers then it made the orient constraints void. Had tried doing a manual parent for the child controllers

1 reddit when charcter refrenced


Had cloaking issues with some of the environments because they are too big. Unfortunately had to scale the environments at such a size because cant scale the character. If I were to scale the characters, it would affect the xgen.

In conclusion: going to use a large version when it’s all 3 main characters: the girl (that has hair) the mother (that has hair) and the masked man walk towards the circus. While having the scene where the  “Other” character ( no hair)  is humping the tent and zoom out from the place, going to use the original smaller mesh to avoid the cloaking issue.

Snabirtle rig test. Somewhat fixed most of the issues compared to the last post.
The main controller rotates full 360 with no glitch: it works
~Head rotation when keyed with no eyes popping out: solved.
~Tail: tail root condolers work, however further down the tail the controllers don’t follow the rig completely depending how much it’s being rotated.
~The legs:  ended up taking off the Iks off the toes and putting orients, there’s less of an issue but still issues with the legs since it got 2 knees.
~Shell: the shell follows the body now.
~The wings: they worked in both tests.
~The beak: they worked from the beginning. The character working as a reference: with this test snabirtle works as a referenced character, unlike the clothed characters.

In conclusion it’s just Ncloth with the referencing issue. Made sure the Xgen blendshapes still work as a reference., they do.

In conclusion: the major issues have been sorted, for now going to just have snabirtle referenced into the scene and start animating.  Since snabirtle is naked with no Ncloth can just swap out the versions if I correct more of the rig issues further down the line.

To fix the dress rig that failed to work In the last post.  Removed all the Iks on the dress, loaded up all the controllers from the waist, made the controllers as an orient. There seems to be issues if I rotate one controller too far without moving the surrounding controllers, as well as issues with the ring finger attribute. While moving some of the controllers for the dress the child controllers shifts off center from the rig.

In conclusion: for now, going to leave it for now and start animating with it.  The fingers aren’t too much of an issue because the only close up to the hands is the girl as the women holding the urn. Need to be careful how I animate the dress. Depending on the camera angles the audience might not even notice the dress movements since most of them are from a distance. Since the dress is rigged and not Nclocth going to reference the character. Worst case scenario I’ll fix the rig or controllers further down the line then swap out the file to a newer version.


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3rd year PART 43: issues Record of making

1 hand attributes

To remember what hand from what character had been done, took notes as I went along.

13 /Feb/ 2018

When I tried to create blendshapes for the girl character this error message kept showing up.

14 error

Followed by this message
12 erorr when blendhape


Person 1: could because there’s a duplicate of the mesh directly underneath another mesh.

Checked to make sure there was no mesh underneath by moving the mesh to one side by the controllers, nothing underneath. Tried to add blend shapes again when I pressed the button and moved the character by the controllers to one side realised there was a mesh underneath.  Pressed the” add blend shape” button again realised the same thing happened so moved the mesh to one side yet again. Made sure there wasn’t another mesh underneath deleted a row of faces, nothing underneath.  Pressed the button again while looking at the outliner realised pressing the blend shape button caused the mess to duplicate itself with each press.


Person 2: you should of done blendshapes before rigging, Obj it and start over.

Went through all the files to see when the corruption happened so I won’t have to redo the whole process. Found out file 54 works while file 55 out of file 156 is corrupted.

In conclusion: going to obj file 54 then use the rig in file 156.


Person 3:

You using file 54 imported into file 156 is not going to work they are in different positions with different rotate axis. You’ll have to redo the finger attributes if you do that.

Un skin the girl, FBX the girl then in a separate file FBX the dress. Delete the girl and dress in file 156, delete all history, reimport the 2 fbxs.

I did what was advised from person 3, the issue had been fixed with the character somehow still skinned, the attributes still work. Nothing needed to be redone using this route.

After creating the blendshapes and saving, it was stuck like this for an hour.

15 error

Ended up closing the program, it corrupted. Had to import the corrupted file into a new scene however it messed up all the naming conventions.

Blendshape test for the girl character, there’s some issues with the lashes flipping.


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