walk/ run cycle


First attempt on a walk/ run cycle
At the moment the legs has the appearance of rotating around from the hip as it goes forward at the same time  instead of it being fixed into place as   the legs move back and forth.

If I where to do it again I would:   be more mindful of the placements of limbs, add more layers of different shades of colour  to  accent the light and dark areas, include a neck and try to make  the drawing more consistent, for example the waist and the  limbs to be consistent. An other aspect I would include is to add  shadows. The reason I didn’t add detail to the hands is because wanted to focus  on  practicing  the movements of arms, legs and back.


For the walk cycle used the diagram  above for a point of reference
Source: http://webneel.com/i/walk/5-walk-cycle-animation-walking/08-2014/d?n=9792

The black outline between the walk and run cycle, tried to guess what a person may look like as they droop down and back up, as if in despair, but picking them self’s up afterwards.
In this section of the walk, slowed down the speed of the walk. To draw this section, for the legs I looked at the diagram for the normal walk cycle then drew them closer together compared to the normal walk cycle. If I were to do it again, I would video record someone walking in that similar situation, screen capture for example each millisecond or when the legs change position. To then either use as a point of reference or rotoscopeing it.


For the run cycle, I used the diagram  shown above, found in page 177 from the “animator survival kit” that was published in 2009, as a template.


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