Project 1 “the touch” : pixilation Part 1

The brief of the project was: to incorporate the idea of ” stop trick” using a pixilation technique. Where the camera can be paused between frames and one object can be place by another.  In groups to come up with the story that answers the brief “what happens if everything you touch becomes something else?” Pixilation refers to a technique that involves real humans used as puppets in a stop motion animation.

In groups we first discussed and talked about ideas for our finial piece. We both agreed on the idea of everything the main subject touches, disappears. The other person in my group is ” Adam Cox”

We discussed the main points of the animation, what was: The main subject touches his pen, it disappears. A girl drops her pencil case, as a natural reaction the main male subject goes to pick up her pencil case but after touching it, it’s gone. There was some discussion of whether or not the girl starts to attack him but after her hand touches him, she gone. The teacher asks what he is doing, touches his arm, and he or she is gone. A bully shoves him, he’s gone. The protagonist ends up in a field with a desk, face palms himself, and he’s gone.
We then went off to do separate storyboards and research so we can discuss further before starting photographing and creating the 30 second pixilation animation.

After the discussion realized some possible issues and problems with our concept. Some of the problems are: how are we going to make the room disappear, which room to use, how to obtain tables and chairs, how are we going to lodge a table and chair to the location(s) how is the tables and chairs going to be the same from the classroom, how many people is going to be in the animation, how are we going to persuade people to partake in the animation, where’s the field we’re going to use and how to transport everyone and everything there.

To counteract some of the problems, the next time we have a group discussion might propose: for the protagonist to not appear in a field, the possibility that humans make up the tables and chairs, the problem with this is no ordinary person wants to pretend to be a table or chair.


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