Mary and max


Mary and max was based on a true story and is a Claymation. The Claymation had 133 separate sets, 212 puppets, and 475 miniature props.

Upon research.The film has a Voice over narration.There is two main characters “ Mary Daisy Dinkle” and “Max Jerry Horowitz’The film was written and directed by Adam Elliot the film was realised at 15 January 2009

It starts off in the year 1976 with the first few scenes of the town the movie is set in.  For example   buildings in new York in black and white and its bill board, a taxi driving to the left  then  it goes into  neutral/ muted colours  of  different sized houses from above then  street level  followed by the  billboard that reads”  welcome to mount Waverley tidy town 1972”.  It starts off introducing the characters that are linked with Mary

Later on in the film buildings in New York in black and white and its bill board, a taxi driving to the left.

The contrast in colours is possibly to tell the viewer its two different locations and to not confuse the viewer.

Throughout the film when it was telling a  story from the about a 8 year old girl named “Mary Daisy Dinkle” from Australia it’s in muted  colours, whereas  when it’s in max’s  point of view it tend to be in grey scale whereas  certain  sections  was in colour.  Some may argue, the use of colours are the way the characters see the world. For example   Mary is young therefore don’t see   the world as bleak as  max’s point of view,  so  her colours are a muted colour whereas   max’s point of view is  a harsher grey scale; where he had a lot more  years of experience then the little girl.

The topics of the film cover is: metal illness, agoraphobia, Asperger, depression loneliness, friendship, appearance, money, happiness, success, anxiety, neglect, suicide death.

Some argue because the way Mary parents and peers treat her  she has resulted in finding friendship in a stranger, anyone she can find and  hoping they give her the attention no one else would. It could have backfired and someone could of come murder her and her whole family. This could show her desperation or disregards of her and others safety.

The second main character due to his Asperger’s, doesn’t know how to react in social situations read what people mean or feel by their body language. Some may argue he sent a possibly inappropriate letter to an   8 year old by mentioning he worked in a condom factory.

There’s a scene that uses derogatory language with quote “retard” on the newspaper.  Back then it was normal to use the word, where as   in today’s world it’s seen as unacceptable to use that word.

Sources: by watching the film and


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