10 prop task

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IMG_2591 edited

Today everyone had to draw something related to the word for example “sorcerer” . Ten words in total as props, we all had at the beginning 5 minutes, what gradually decreased. For the remaining time of the lesson, we all had to draw a comic that incorporated some of the props as idea generation.
The ten words was: soccer, donkey, storm, freedom, ant, tree, zombie, and ziggurat, hollow and trumpet.
Ended up drawing a man that was riding a donkey, at the same time as the ant was playing a trumpet.  As the other ant holding a leaf to hold up the zombie worm god up. The alien abducts the person, and only takes the head, meanwhile somewhere in the spaceship a creature that was locked up, has a  gate lock broken because of the movement of the ship.

Unfortunately due to the time constraint wasn’t able to add  as much detail as I  liked or find reference images to draw anything accurately, for example drawing a stick man in  place of an actual person or  a  mass with pointy ears and crudely drawn legs in the place of a donkey.


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