Whats in my head?

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Today in class as an exercise, they asked everyone to draw whatever is in their head.
Within the lesson drew a: wheelie bin because have to put the trash out, a fish because forgot to feed it this morning, A paint brush because painting is awesome. A camera because have to book out equipment for Wednesday. The lines on the left represent a rainbow, if was drawn with black pen. Explosion and siting on the explosion is a person fishing because was thinking about not feeding the fish this morning. Tried to draw a chicken, because there’s a whole precooked chicken in the fringe. Drew a meat cleaver because was thinking about meat, and utensils just because. Drew a bottle to symbolize cough medicine because been coughing for two weeks. A computer because might buy a new computer. A clock because of the two free periods and having to wait for life drawing. A light switch, pass code, boots and stockings. Drew some corn because was thinking about eating later on that day. A plaster because someone asked for a plaster. A drink because was planning to get a Starbucks. Drew a wall with a severed limb and leg because after thinking about the meat cleaver was thinking about what could be in the attic. Drew a chain because was still thinking about what could be in the attic. A cloud because was thinking whether or not to take another picture of a cloud to my cloud folder photos collection.
In five years’ I have a goal to complete university, some of sort of job and possibly try and draw one of my short stories into a comic/ graphic novel.


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