part 4 pixilation ” The touch”

Today in lesson we all watched everyone’s videos or what they’ve done so far and gave each other feedback. Below are feedback we received for our video.


-Hard to follow the story.
-Didn’t understand.
-Can’t touch pens, disappear.
-Too many pans and places.
-If imaginary friend – funky costume.
-Do lights on   main character
– Do lights on main character
-Well done when touch the paper, the letters formed.
– They didn’t understand why Ryan was there because he’s not in the group.

Earlier In the lesson we went through what should go into the story or our pixilation video through the “3 basic acts formula” .

They mentioned that the:
Beginning-exposition 25%
Middle- what includes the rising action and conflict 50?
End- resolution to be 25%

There should be a twist and reveal in the story.
The two question that needs to be answered:
What the twist entails and how does the twist work.

The defection of narrative exposition is that the “insertion of important background information in to the story” they normally happen in the beginning of the story.

Armed with this knowledge we started to think about how we are going to rewrite the story behind the pixilation.

Rewritten version of our story

This is our new plot for the pixilation animation.

Act 1
– The animation begins by the protagonist tapping finger on blank paper (The photos we are going to keep) this is about 2 seconds long.
-The protagonist then looks at the clock (clocks goes faster, round and round to symbolize passage of time)
-Then back at the blank paper.

Act 2
-The words “Give up” appears when he taps the piece of paper (we are going to use the photos of this taken from the original, this is where the trick shot appears)
-Scrunches “give up” paper then throws it to the side (confident look)
-Reaches for another piece of paper and it surrounds him (panicked look appears on his face, the paper multiplying is our second trick shot type)
-The date of the submission deadline on the piece of paper is in view.
-The protagonist checks the watch time, the time on the watch goes extremely fast.
-More paper appears for example some could start to be scattered around on the floor, making the room filled with papers.

Act 3
– The protagonist goes into the fettle position as if making horrified crying face.-Credits (We are going to keep part of the credits used from the original file, but take out Ryan’s name because he’s not going to be in this version.)

After the feedback today we plan to try and keep to one angle with no panning and to try and inject some sort of concrete story line to the piece because our other theme was too subtle and no one picked up on it.  In this new version the basis of the pixilation animation is that the protagonist is for instance stuck on what to write for his assignments, the pressure of deadlines as the work piles up, he starts internally panicking as he assumes the fettle position to sooth himself. In this version we decided to  only use Adam as an actor for the piece, because of the time constraint as well as we couldn’t figure out how to get around the plot hole of why there’s a second person there and disappears through the audience’s view in 30 seconds.


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