Diffrent types of conflicts. Character needs.

In lesson, they made us think about:
Conflicted characters: who are they, what/ why they want something. Why they can’t get that certain thing. Any deep seated emotional need that can be satisfy by said thing. That a need must be created within the character no matter how small it is.  For example if it’s to capture a love interest/ escape or carry out some sort of vendetta. That all “strong characters” have a need of some sort. Characters on the edge.

They also went through different types of conflict for instance:
-man vs. man (character vs. character)
– man vs. nature ( eg surviving in the wild/ wild animal/ volcano/ earthquake)
-man vs. machine(eg from an alien or robot)
-man vs. society
-man vs. himself

Strong characters are easy to identify, not just by appearance but by their speech and actions.

Short dramas:
short dramas are difficult to do, the less time there is, it’s best to use less characters to use as well as in a short amount of time you can’t tell a complicatedly long story.
That it’s best to simplify the plot to its core objectives to complicate the inner journey.
Show don’t tell- meaning don’t just tell the audience but to show it in action. Short stories normally come with a quote but not all.
Action and reaction
Newton 3rd law- where for every action there is an equal (in size and opposite reaction) as well as the idea of incorporating the chaos theory.

As an exercise,  everyone was told to go into groups and come up with a solution to this scenario: Two people waiting in the waiting room,  for a train. They both have tickets, one does not want to go but the other does.
This is the idea I pitched to the group: one of them is half way through giving birth, the man does not know.  He drags her to the train, she ends up giving birth with the baby shooting into the train tracks.  A train comes and runs it over.


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