Elimination stop motion project part 1: concept

Today me and Adam came up with ideas for the elimination project, we decided on the general gist of it, which is : “ large dude try to fit in with 2 small characters, gives up, 2 small characters try to fit in with him instead, by for instance playing with his guns but accidentally shoots him.
The large character is about 7 inches tall. The small Lego characters are an unknown size.
We are yet to discuss the fine details of the room set up of where the characters take place and exact actions of the story.
For the next discussion going to run this idea through him:
Act 1:
– Two small characters playing (cute characters?)
– A Large (possibly muscular character) comes in.

Act 2:
-The large characters tries to fit in with the two small character (for example the toys don’t fit in his hands/ break furniture), tries to sellotape objects on to his hand but it falls off.
– The large character gives up and sits down on the sofa (what breaks).

Act 3
The two smaller characters exchange looks of concern, then goes towards the large character.
– In the bid to make the large character feel welcome, they take interest in his guns.
-The small characters accidentally shoots the large character in the head.
– either over dramatically squirms or dies straight away.

Ryan joined the group, we all re-discussed the idea.
From a majority vote, we decided that the large character gets shot in the head for a dramatic effect.
The ending consistent of: one of the Lego characters exchanging looks for a few frames, running while the other one drags and hides the body. There was a disagreement to which one would run and which one to drag the body, therefore it was agreed we all create both endings.
Personally I prefer it where the person who shot the character to run because it gives an air of innocence to the character, and empathizes it was an accident as he runs in panic; The person who didn’t shoot the person to hide the body because it shows his calm and collected while helping his panicked friend out.

For the next group discussion going to suggest when they hid the body, if they for instance hide it under a rug, the large character is somehow still alive and starts jerkily moving. The Lego character whacks him to complete death out of fear then runs.

feedback: gave the suggestion to the group, one of them pointed out its not possible because he was shot in the head.

So presented the idea the Lego character didn’t move the large character correctly so the body shifts in position, the Lego character notices. Fear is induced because he somehow think the large character is still alive, when he is not as well as the fear of what just happened can lead to.


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