Fleischer Studios

In today lesson we covered about “Fleischer Studios”

Fleischer Studios
Inkwell Studios:  1921
Fleischer Studios: 1929
Dead of august 1942 bought out by paramount.
Founded by brothers: max Fleischer and Dave fletcher

Most popular charters were human not cartoon animals, unlike other studios.
Notable works include: koko the clown.
He was the star of “Out of the Inkwell”

Dave Fleischer was working as a clown at Coney Island and they modelled “koko the clown” from him. Max Fleischer was experimenting with “ rotoscope” what was  his own invention. What allowed other animators to trace actual footage.

Other characters they did was:  Betty Boop and bimb which first appeared on August 9 1930 in Dizzy Dishes.

The character “Betty Boop” started off as a caricature of singer” Helen Kane”. She filled papers to try and sue the Fleischers for “£250,000” in May 1932 on the bases of infringement laws, she under the bases of a “deliberate caricature that produced “unfair competition, exploiting her personality and image.” She lost the lawsuit because her career was basically dead at that stage therefore it was not seen as exploiting anything.

Popeye the Sailor first animated appearance was in 1933.  Popeye the sailor first appeared a comic strip what was created by “ E.C Segar”   The movements are very theatrical as well as   displayed some racism that would  create outrage if they were created in today’s world.
In the lesson we watched   one of the first animated Popeye the sailor for paramount studios:

The way the female talks  and begging for  popeyed  help ,as if women was weak and  need constant  help( common in that time period where women was seen as weak lesser beginging0 however her actions, she did the most for example: beat up  the most of the antagonist and did all the rowing. She didn’t actually need saving or anyone’s help, while the   men did much less in comparison,  the  other man  that was not Popeye in the  cartoon  was  completely lazy  and did nothing.  The way she gave   credit to Popeye can show that she’s just putting a front when she’s actually more capable then people think.

They used a setback Camera what consists of number of mounts and rigs so for the instance the    background or fore ground can be togged back and forth, while each  frames is changed   back and forth,  cell animation mixed with real objects.


A past example of   an animation making use of this device is “Betty Boop 1934”

It starts off with a trade mark coming out of the ink pot then the scene comes alive on the drawing board/ paper. This also had actual footage of people   with it.

A more recent example of   cell animation mixed in with the environment:

“Aug(de)mented Reality” 3  that was published on  23 Mar 2015

A series of animated Technicolor short films was created, the first one to be made was “The Mad Scientist“  was inspired by  Edison bad mouthing other  creators, it gave birth  to ideas of mad scientist. It was nominated for an academy award in 1941 but unfortunately “Lend a Paw, a Pluto cartoon from Walt Disney” won.

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