Elimination part 4: Finail idea

Everyone pitches their own individual presentation in the tutorial groups.

The feedback: That the beginning doesn’t make sense.  So it effects the end.  Need to explain why they are there. They asked why the gun was there and why would the solider even let someone else     hold there gun. The story doesn’t have a point to it and they didn’t know why the characters are there.

In conclusion we need to sort out the story and character motives, to make the story less pointless and have a reason why the characters are there and why they do their certain actions.

I and Ryan came up with a new beginning to the story to make it have more of a meaning to it, then later on pitched it to Adam.

Below is the new beginning of the story:
Act 1
-Two Lego characters are  talking ( standing at  one side of the room, while waiting for the recruitment officer)
-The recruitment officer walk in with a clip board, he walks towards the table and chairs,   using arm/ hand signals to signal  red and blue to  come over.
– Red and blue Lego characters come over to sit next to him.
-When the recruitment officer sits down, he puts the clip board down on the table.
-At first the recruitment offer give hand gestures and looking back and forth to red and blue Lego characters as if talking to them.
-He then takes out his gun, turning his hand side to side to show them   each side of the gun.
– The recruitment officer   places the gun on the table and gives hand gestures for them to pick it up if they want to and to check it out.
–  Blue becomes intrigued by the gun.
-At this stage the middle and end plays out the same.

Act 2
-In the bid to make the soldier feel welcome, they go up to him.
– The blue character takes an interest in the gun on the table.
– The soldier gives body language for the blue Lego character its okay to check it out.
– For a few frames the blue character is posing and pretending to shoot it/ looking through the scope.
– The blue character, thinking the gun is empty, presses the trigger.
-The solider is shot in the head.
– The two small Lego characters exchange looks of panic
-The blue character runs in panic.
– The red character gives the body language as if saying “where are you going, are you just leaving me to deal with this?
-The red character shrugs it off and starts hiding the body under the rug.
– There’s a large lump, the red character stands there trying to figure out how to sort it out.
– The red character starts jumping (with its whole body weight?) on to the body in an effort or flatten it.
– Blood squirts everywhere,
– He panics, runs and leaves the scene.

Found out the measurements of the H x W x D red and blue are 40mm x 27 mm x 10mm, Green =46mmx 30mm x15 mm.

Asked about the measurements from feet to hip, Adam mentioned it was roughly 12min for red and blue while   feet to knee for the recruitment officer was 12mm. Also the diameter of the hands of the recruitment officer’s hand is about 1mm.


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