Elimination part 5 : The set

IMG_3121 tag
Above is the complete set.
gun recruirtment poster
( For  the words to appear clearer, click on the picture) This is the  close up image of the poster. Unfortunately once it was printed  it out and viewed it in the shot, wasn’t able to see the smaller words. If I were to create it again I would just skip the smaller words entirely.

side table edit   door tagWas originally going to sew the sofa and paint for paint the door and table, because of the time constraint, I decided to put coloured Plasticine on top of the base . (The base consists of metal wires/ tin foil because its more malleable / card board and tooth picks to make the structure more stable) This way if not happy with the colour can easily take it off and change it where as if it was for instance fabric or paint would have to wait until it dries / unpick and resew. If I were to do it again would add more detail and textures to the surface of the furniture.

IMG_3118 tag
The reason I created a cactus to go in the side of the room is because in waiting rooms there’s normally a flower plant to make the room more welcoming, cactus are painful and aren’t really welcoming. Also included small pieces of folded up paper to represent pamphlets/ leaflets/magazines for the recruitment office waiting room, because those things are commonly seen in waiting rooms.
From the previous group discussion, they preferred the red fabric for the rug, however realized the contrast won’t go well with the blood so suggested different fabrics, we went with the striped fabric for the rug.


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