Elimination part 6: draft video


Backup link, bubble wrap effect


Backup link

I, Adam and Ryan shot the stop motion animation today.
We faced technique difficulties:
The head was hard to come off- you can’t move the blue characters head.
Lego characters can’t stand up probably because of the carpet (cant lean them back and forth) because it’s not a Lego floor.
-The door keeps falling over.
-couldn’t move the legs that well so that’s why they move side to side instead.
-Because the camera and tub that is used as the tripod was so light camera shot kept moving by accident.
-The mega block recruiting characters arm keep popping off.
-The props aren’t stuck to the ground so it kept accidentally being nudged.
-we used red Plasticine as blood they wouldn’t stick to the carpet and every time Adam try to place it, It would for instance stick on to his skin, to combat this issue, I suggested and gave him toothpicks, he didn’t seem to have as much of the problem after the use of them.
We used the ice-cream tub I brought in, as a tripod for the webcam.

In conclusion: If we use Lego to use a Lego floor to make everything more stable,
I accidentally made the furniture slightly too big because when Adam sent over the measurements, thought the measurements was too small so would add for instance a few mm to the measurements, in the future I need to stick to the measurements. If we were to make the video again we might need to use a liquid substance for the blood, be mindful of the panning shots and when the camera moves at each frame or not include pan shots at all and just cut scene into a different shot. The majority of the words on the poster I created wasn’t visible in the animation however the main sentence “ join the army” was visible, in the future need to either make the words bigger or only add the main text, nothing else. Same principle with the words on the door, if make the video again, would type out then print the words so it’s easier to read for the audience.

A few days prior to shooting,(31st/ October/ 2015, 13:29) Adam showed the group the: floor, table and chairs he was planning to bring. We decided against it. Below is his photo he sent the group.

For the stop motion animation project:
Adam- brought in the characters, moved the characters and took some of the frames.
Ryan- Brought in his webcam took most of  the photos in dragon frame.
I created the set, (furniture, clipboard, poster etc.) And brought in white tack, fabrics,Plasticine for the blood scene and took  some of the frames.
For the edited version, applied a textured filter. Showed a viewer both versions a video using the original photos and the a video with the textured filter. They responded by saying they dislike the filter. While editing I also played around with contrast and brightness however it made the flickering worse.
In conclusion: for the final piece going to keep to the original files and if possible not add any filters or too much on the top.

6th / 11/ 2015
Feedback: to stop the flickering need to be away from the light source as well as lock the exposure in dragon frame and pick different shots. Also they mentioned the camera angles makes the viewer seem like a bystander, they need to get involved and how the camera angles don’t really have a story but only a series of events.

I, Adam and Ryan discussed about the camera shots for the re-shooting of the animation as well as Adam bringing in Lego floor to make the process faster and easier. For the re-shooting I’m going to type up and print off the sign on the table. Pitched about how when the scene of the red going on the rug can have more movements for example flipped or body slams on to the rug and use wires to support it, they decided against it.
We plan to shoot it on Monday the 9th of November afternoon.

Camera angles plan:
– Close up shots of red and blue speaking( displaying their body )
– A shot that does not display the whole room for example a  close up shot, displaying the chair, table and sofa just after red and blue are talking and, while the recruitment officer signals them to come over. This will be displayed with red and blue entering from the far left side of the shot.
– When blue plays with the gun, close up shot of him till he aims and shoot it to the recruitment characters head.
– Close up shots, one at a time of cut shots of red and blue staring at each other than slightly larger shot with only them in the frame.
– It cut shots to the shot of the where the door, tables sofa and chair is visible, blue runs out of the room.
– Close up shot of the Lego red character turning his head to look around the room to think of what to do.
– Near full shot of the room only displaying the door, table and side table.
– Once The red Lego character is between the coffee table and corner table, its wide screen shot where it also displays the rug.
– When he is near the door, it’s a close up shot of him leaving.


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