Critical manga part 1

For the brief for the “critical manga” we need to create a manga or comic that illustrate the rise and demise of a classic early age animator/ cartoonist taking into the account of the visual style and their contribution to the development of animation in 4 sides of A4 with 800 words.

The title of the project is “critical manga”.  Manga is a Japanese comic, however for this project they just mean “comics” or sequential story telling.

Had to pick a person that was animating before the   1945. Below is some of the research on my chosen animator.

Deadline for this project: 7pm, Friday the 15th of January 2016

Charlotte Reiniger

She was Born in 1899 and died in 1981, 19th of June at age 82.

The reason   I picked “ Charlorlotte Reiniger” is because In 1926 she became the first woman to direct a feature animation film “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”. It is one of the oldest surviving animated film what is based on a collection of stories from The Arabian Nights.  And how   the animating world in fact most jobs at the time was dominated by men.

World War II made her to move in several countries through Europe until lastly setting in England,

When she was a child, she was spellbound with Chinese silhouette puppetry.  She would even put up puppet shows for her friends and relations.  Even though most of her influence stemmed from childhood she developed some of her inspiration from theater and cinema.

In 1918, she animated wooden rats and animated “intertitles for Wegener’s Der Rattenfänger von Hameln” (what translate to “The Pied Piper of Hamelin). The success from the piece, landed her an admission into the Institut für Kulturforschung (what translate to “Institute for Cultural Research”), what was an experimental animation and short film studio.

In 1923 Louis, (who was an admirer of Reiniger and had bought a large amount of film stock as a investment to the inflation that was hitting Germany) He approached Reiniger to produce a film on any subject of her liking. For the following three years Reiniger and her co-animator (who was her husband Carl Roch), they worked above Hagens garage near his house in Potsdam in a studio.

She committed the rest of her 60 years of profession in animation to do heaps of shorts, they was frequently versions of fairy tales but also notably several  sections of Mozart and Bizet  opera that were praised by her friend, French film-maker Jean Renoir, who regarded her entire body of work as “a visual expression of Mozart’s music”

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