Elimination part 7 : Re-shoot – technical difficulties

9th/November/ 2015 
I, Adam and Ryan re-shot the animation today.

Learning from the draft video, we locked the light exposure in dragon frame. To improve the lighting   once we moved the characters we waited a bit before taking the shot to let the webcam/ software adjust.

We was going to put a Lego floor in the set which Adam provided, but decided to go against it due to it looking out of place because the floor didn’t look consistent with the carpet showing through. It might of worked if the Lego floor was big enough and a rectangle shape that covered the entire floor. The furniture didn’t balance on the Lego floor, as well as the size of the Lego floor we would of have to move the Lego characters on the carpet floor anyway, if we used it.

Below is an image of the Lego floor placed on the floor, which we decided against.
IMG_3168 with floor

We was going to use a lamp Ryan provided however we decided against it, because it made the lighting worse compared to not using the lamp.

Instead of using red Plasticine, we used a liquid base for the blood. In this case we used ketchup to make the blood look more natural compared to red Plasticine. The constraint of this is that if we messed up with it, we can’t re-shoot for example if it went on the white carpet. I should have brought in backup fabric for the carpet, just in case. In the event that we did mess up those shots and I brought in backup fabric, would have to rip out the old one, place a new one in, try to align the assets as close as possible as the original and most likely would of have to  re-shoot the entire set of that camera view.

For the  re-shoot.
-Adam brought in his Lego characters. It was decided to make the process a lot quicker and for him to not have to signal and wait for someone to take the photos, he was in charge of both moving the characters and shooting the frames for the first 120 frames.

-Ryan brought in his webcam, he moved the objects and took some of the frames.

-I created and brought in the set.  Tried to scrape of the Plasticine that went on the sofa from the draft video as well as typed and printed out clear word to go on the door. Now the words are visible in the shot. I also cut off   one of the sides of the box so there’s space for the webcam and to reduce the amount of movement of the camera to make it more stable.  I moved some of  the objects and took some of the frames.

Ryan was supposed to take the frames and move the objects for the gun scene but he gave up so I had to take over.  Wasn’t sure how to move the characters so guessed. Once I’d done the gun scene for him up until the   blood on the neck appeared, he did the remainder of his 120 then I moved and took the remainder of the frames.

The technical difficulties that we faced today was:
-we still had difficulties working with the carpet floor however not as much due to getting used to working with it.
-Still have trouble moving the head on the blue character.
-The door keeps falling over.
-Because we was in a hurry to leave the room at 8pm because the building locked up at 8pm. I was only able to look at the exported images when I got home, upon viewing the image sequence, noticed on the Marjory of the images there was a black bars in different positions possibly due to the export settings or computer.

finail piece 0020finail piece 0227finail piece 0270

10/ November/ 2015
The day after re-shooting,  we checked  the same computer we was working on as well as   checking while logged into Ryan’s account, because we was working  while logged into his account. Our attempt to finding the files was a disappointing failure.  The reason why we tried to find the original dragon frame file is because of the belief that they won’t be corrupted and could have just exported the files again.

In the future, before we leave the room we need to check the exported files.  While working on dragon frame, in the future we need to either save the original dragon frame file directly on someone’s memory pen/hard drive or save it on someone’s actual account to save it on the local drive and not on the desktop because the files would be wiped forever.

We discussed as a group to re-shoot the video. Understandably Adam do not wish to re shoot for the 3rd time, possibly due to the re-shoot yesterday took about 6 hours.  So I and Ryan Belshaw decided to shoot the animation the third time since we have 4 days left to submit.


10/ November/ 2015
Me and Ryan tried to re-shoot the animation again today. It didn’t work as expected.  To combat the lighting issue, we decided to try and re-shoot at night time so we don’t encounter lighting constraints. We made sure the curtain was completely closed and the room lights was off, so the set only has consistent lighting from the lamp. Due to the time constraint we used a computer outside of university this also insured the files would be saved. Unfortunately the computer we was working on didn’t have dragon frame, we tried to use a trial version unfortunately it had a hideous watermark in the middle, rendering it useless. We went in search of an alternative software to use.  Unfortunately for instance some of them didn’t recognize the camera, there was one that zoomed in by itself and another Ryan tried testing it out but the webcam or software wouldn’t focus. For the final attempt I tried out a piece of software that you can take off the auto focus (so can control the flickering that happened in previous versions) as well as adjust the focus, unfortunately it didn’t have onion skin. At the early stage of taking a few test shots to test out the software already nudged the camera and didn’t know where to place it again, as well as the characters was not in consistent places as hoped.

We decided to make do and try and edit the re-shot photos from yesterday and draft video for the final piece. At the moment we tried different renditions with the photos, unfortunately not to the desired effect; the noticeable black bar still appears. For the next few days we are going to edit our own versions for the final piece.

These are some of the experiments that didn’t’ quite work.  After editing a few of them, I came up of an idea of try to get  outline of the photos or the images with  transparency to the point where the black bars don’t appear so can colour  all the photos individually. The closest to an outline, is  in the first image. Unfortunately the filter didn’t outline the green character so wouldn’t know where to colour. The task of colouring in each individual photo is a lengthy one. Just in case I run out of time trying to find the correct edit and colour it all in. I plan to find all the audio and work with the draft. If I have time to find a way to edit all the black bars out, I would  just replace the photos with the recoloured re-shoots and reposition the audio.
0009 tag0099 tag  0014 tag 0037 tag0001 tag0248 tag  0081tagfinail piece 0033 tag    0015 tag0233 tag 0270 tag



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