Elimination: part 8 final piece.


Backup link 2

Four stills
still 1 tag still 3 tagstill 2 tag  still 4 tag

(For clearer image and words, click on the image)
This storyboard was before the story change,most of it is the same.
capture-1-tag picture2-tag

Group evaluation
In terms of punctuality of the group, we all was very punctual, meaning we made use of time and not waiting around for any of the team members to shoot. Everyone made a valuable contribution. In the draft/ backup final piece of the elimination project Adam worked well and moved all the characters. If it weren’t for Adam, we wouldn’t have achieved the desired actions.

In terms of the group communication, when Ryan created the group chat, the communication could have been better. Ryan replied quickly with valuable information and ideas. Adam could have spoken up more and gave more input during group discussions. It would have been a lot easier if exact measurements was given of the characters sooner, to be able to scale everything correctly. In terms of equipment, for instance we was missing a tripod, we could have discussed as a group who was going to book/bring a tripod. Because of the lack of a tripod we had to make do with the ice-cream tub I brought in to house the miniature furniture. Because of this the camera was nudged easily, meaning it ruined our shots.

There was not much conflicts and everyone worked civilly. Everyone was able to reach an agreement to the story before going ahead with shooting; before shooting we could have discussed about camera angles. If we did, then we wouldn’t of have to go through the wasted time and effort of re-shooting, what in the end was rendered useless because of the technical difficulties that resulted in black bars appearing In the photos.

Unfortunately went ahead and submitted the draft as the final piece because of both time constraints and technical difficulties during re-shoot. I wasn’t able to correctly edit black bars out of the photos. The camera and lighting was poor. Instead of trusting one of my team member’s judgement of saving the files during the re-shoot, I should have checked the setting before saving, as well as checking the files before leaving the room.

In today’s tutorial received feedback in the animation which was:
-The set looks like someones living room. could of added a window with people going past it.
-Cinematic, could of added more camera angles.
-For the blood splatter could of used the blood splatter tool in TV paint.
– To record our own sound effects.
-To add title and ending.

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