The line: part 1, concept

summary of the brief:
For this project, “The line” it has to be:
-A 2D animation,
-Be 30 seconds long at 24 frames per second,mp4 h264 file format at 1280 x 720.
-A story using the three act structure,
-A character overcoming an obstacle to achieve an objective.
Objective of the brief:
develop and understand the use of audio,
The process of drawing what can depict or suggest: ideas, feelings, rhythm, texture, speed and temperature.

First concept:
For my first concept it consisted of: a person wakes up in a room with a door that seems to vanish/ no door. He tries to get out. Once he gets out, in his reality people are all watching and crowding him. Because of his social anxiety he retreats into the room. After a while in a way he conquers his social anxiety by sprinting a midst a crowd of people to a shop to buy bread.
Obstacle- social anxiety
objective- to buy bread to satisfy his hunger and not starve to death.

Concept 1.2:
This concept is very similar to concept 1.
The gist: person wakes up in a room with no door. Tries varies tools to get out. Finds TNT blows up one of the walls. Realizes there’s zombies outside, sprint across the street. Steals stale bread and patch up the hole in the wall.
Obstacles: The room has no door, zombies.
Objective: to escape the room and get the bread to satisfy the hunger, patch up wall so zombies can’t get in.
The gist gist: room=no door, need to escape for bread. Why? = hunger.

The plan for concept 1.2:
-Person wakes up.
-Stomach rumbles.
-Empty shelf.
-Character looks around.
-Bird’s eye view of him running around the room to find there’s no doors.

-He finds a spoon.
-He applies it to the wall in an effort to start making a hole.
-He finds TNT in the room on table/shelf/ floor.
-Blows up a section of the wall
-steps outside a little,
-notices Zombies
-steps back in momentary
-sprints across the shop across the street (that has a broken window)
-steals bread

-sprints back to his room, (eat bread at same time?)
-patches the hole in his room
-Goes to sleep.

Presented idea 1.2 and below was the feedback:
It seems too long for 30 seconds, how about the character confronting the zombie?


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