The line part 2: reseach

Like the other two project, first began research by looking at the listed research on the brief then looked more in depth on other works from those animators/ directors. Afterwards ventured and researched animations on video sharing platforms. Noticed most of the line animations are mainly testing animations.

“La lina”
Looked at “la linea” what was created in Italy, 1971 and directed by “Osvaldo cavandoli” This is an example of a short television series from B. Del vita.
The animation example provided, consists of what appears to be an ungrateful man that demands things of his creator to try and get the fish. The actual art style of the animation is mainly one line to create most of the ground and the man “ walking on it”; when the man walks on the line, there is no line underneath him, this creates gaps In where his walking. The style is simplistic that gives an outlined silhouette of the man.
The relevance of watching this is because the project is about a 2d animation and a line, these are the two things the animation is.
Also looking at this animation is relevant because the brief entails about a character overcoming an obstacle for an objective. The animation depicts a person trying to overcome obstacles for example in one of the episodes it’s a man using varies tools to try to obtain the fish but doesn’t quite meet his objective.

Begone Dull Care
This animation is an example of an Award Winning Experimental Short Film what was directed by Norman McLaren in 1949, in Canada from the national film board of Canada.
Looking at this animation was relevant because: there’s lines depicted in the piece at some stages, as well as how the images move and flash in sync with the music. The idea of timing can be used for the final piece. After watching the animation, decided to not draw in the style. After viewing the animation, still wasn’t sure what it was about, it just seemed like random flashing shapes and colours. The shapes, colours and amount of them appear to be as if representing the speed and tempo of the music.

Goodbye rabbit hop hop.
This animation is an example of a short film what was directed by caleb wood in 2013, in japan. Some sections had objects filled in grey-scale/ colour or slight shading to it. Throughout the animation it seem to flicker. The story of the animation seems to be a person chasing after the rabbit but unable to quite get to the rabbit as it hops away from the person. The view of the animation is where the viewer is as if the person, for instance showing the hands as if looking through the person’s eyes.
Looking at this animation was relevant because: the majority of the animation is made up of outlines.

Kyrielle is a short film, Directed by Boris Labbé in 2013, in France.
The animation depicts silhouette of blocked silhouette in flashing colours. It starts off with one man, then it gradually increases with groups of them doing the same actions: for instance a group of them in different places: split off and multiple, hand shake one gets bigger and bounce off, some of them duck and cover while some of them push the other. Near the middle, if not focusing on one of the men, notice the men as a whole look like flickering fire or a pattern emerging. They could have done it to symbolize everyone fall into predictable actions or everyone is the same when looking at it as a whole. Near the middle it wasn’t really clear what was going on with each character or why they are doing what they are. After the middle of the animation, the numbers of characters decrease until it reaches zero, as if it was going into a cycle. Didn’t particularly like this one because of the harsh white background and flickering coloured people hurt my eyes and made it hard to watch.
Looking at this animation was relevant because it depicts thick lines representing people. After watching this animation concluded I might include blocked silhouette people or objects in the final piece.

Echo is a short film, created in 2012 Directed by Merlin Flügel in Germany. The animation is in a simple grey scale, some of it is in blocks of colours with some of it with only few patches of grey-scale missing. The character look static, because it appears to be their mass flickering between different shades of grey. The animation appears to be a person observing and possibly trying to fit in because of how it watches the creatures balance on their hands and later on it tries to make its pet or related characters to go on its hands. At some stage of the animation the character goes into the gew, with only the legs appearing, this could symbolize how his trying to fit in or hide himself. Throughout the animation there’s images of gew coming out of the homes and viewing people in the woods. The person could have done it to symbolize how the character is not welcome at home so it’s in search of someplace else.
Looking at this animation was relevant because: the characters and objects are mainly made of outlines while others are blocked silhouette.

Upon searching online the meaning behind the animation, most sites claim it’s about quote “The sunken homeland; visiting a strange place, and the certainty that we are not alone. ECHO is about how childhood reverberates; about complicated relationships, and a departure to pastures new.”

After School Club 2014
Below is from the same person by “Merlin Flügel” titled After School Club 2014. Looking at this animation was relevant because in some sections of the animations it’s just lines moving around while for instance the character are still. The colours are bold for example the background and characters is just one shade of colour.

The Traveler – Animated Short Film
The animation was made by Raoof Haghighi in 2012, and made in the program “Toon Boom Animate Pro 2”
The majority of the animation is in blocked silhouettes, where its only one colour whereas for instance the background is made to look like water colours. Throughout in some section the combination looked out of place and some of the background looked pixelated.
Looked at this after making the decision of possibly animating blocked silhouette, meaning looking at this animation is relevant.
In some section for instance the character turn its head it looks like it just flips instead of a gradual turn. The bold one colours of the characters/ items make it stand out compared to the scenery. The animation seem to be a variation of a biblical story and painting because: of the hands touching, the larger characters picking him up as if they was god and the small character seemed to be on the search or found god. The large characters could be false gods, obstacles he has to overcome to meet his actual objective of either reaching a place or person.

In conclusion after watching this animation: I might do a combination of different textures. For example the background made out of completely out of lines while the characters or important features of the animation a completely black silhouette, to focus the watcher. Going to also make sure to draw in a high resolution so it won’t become pixilated.

Bee Mine | Pencilmation Cartoon #22
Pencilmation Cartoon is a short cartoon series by Ross Bollinger he used flash. In his animation series, the pencil has the illusion of drawing doodles to life. In the embedded video, the majority are made up with simple outlines, meaning looking at this animation was relevant to the project. The pencil looks like it has been photographed then on a separate layer moved around with the shadow of the pencil drawn in. The story line of the animation seems to be a kid trying to impress and make this women love him. The women throughout seems annoyed. The small characters obstacle is its height, (it could be a midget) or its age and it tries to overcome it by using various tools to woo the lady, in the end he succeeds his objective of having her love him. The background of the animation is lined paper and every so often “the page turns” to symbolize the different scene or scene shot.

In conclusion after watching this animation: simply changing the height of the character can make it appear like a kid or suggest the age of the character in comparison to the other characters, also it made me think about the possibility of taking a photo of an actual object and putting that in a separate layer In the actual animation.

Bettermorphosis | Pencilmation Cartoon #20
This animation is in the same visual format as “Bee mine” therefore looking at this animation is relevant to the project. Another reason why looking at this animation is relevant is because the animal(s) face obstacles and reach their objectives by “evolving” or redrawn to a different animal or extra features to overcome the obstacle; a character overcoming an obstacle and reaching an objective is part of the brief.

The animation reaches full circle when at the end the monkey becomes an egg what hatches out a chicken because in the beginning it was a chicken hatched out an egg.

In conclusion, after watching this animation: might consider a story that ends up reaching a full circle (it ends where it began), the possible interaction of for example a visual representation of a pencil and the animation. Another point I might consider is: for the characters or objects given extra features just to overcome their obstacle, or play around with the idea of evolution instead of giving the illusion of it appearing out of nowhere by for instance a pencil ( outside influence/ creator).

The Olympic Games (Mythtory of the World)
Created by Ross Bollinger in 2012, it’s a short animation. It has roughly the same template of his “Pencilmation cartoon” series where the pencil interacts and changes outcomes. The difference between this animation and his Pencilmation cartoon series is that: in this animation it’s a white background and there’s no flicking of the pages when it’s a different camera angle. Looking at this animation is relevant because it’s entirely made of outlines, which the brief states to make out of lines. Another reason why looking at this animation is relevant is because, the character faced with an obstacle and overcomes it.
The protagonist obstacle is the other contestant, he is weak. He is trying to win the competition. The winner needs to be able to throw the shotput the furthest. Due to his weakness he can’t throw it, so the pencil intervenes and draw him a light tennis ball he can throw, by doing this he over comes his obstacle and achieves his objective of winning.

Plug and play
Plug and play has both animation and game versions, it was produced by Michael Frei.
Looking at this animation is relevant because the animation is made up of outlines, the brief is about lines therefore looking at this animation is relevant. In the actual animation it overcomes the obstacle where at some stage the plugs unplug so they lose light. They try to figure out a way to obtain light again, in the end they plug themselves in to achieve the objective of light, after that it gets a little out of hand.

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