The line part 3:developed concept

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Developed idea for concept 1.2

Act 1:
-Person wakes up.
-Stomach rumbles.
-view of empty shelf.

Act 2
-Character looks around. -Bird’s eye view of him running around the room to find there’s no doors.
-He spots a hatch in the ceiling.
-He moves the shelf into the middle of the room.
– He stands on top of the shelf, pulls the hatch and gets out.

Act 3
– He spots a bread tree.
– He sits underneath the bread tree as asteroids are destroying the city in the background.

Showed a viewer four versions of  character design the feedback was ” version one looks too complicated for the animation”

In conclusion, most likely do  version 2 because its more simple, its a lot quicker out of the four versions to draw is well.

Sound plan

-Walking (on tiles or carpet?)
-walking on wood the sound of pulling a shelf.
-Eating bread sound fire.
-Flying asteroid sound. (Something with air movement)
-open hatch. Empty shelf sound- (gloomy silent death sound?)
-Stomach rumble (small then loud)
-cloth sound: when move  up arm, when  put bread to mouth etc.


Showed A viewer the storyboard, feedback:
It works but it’s just a sequence of events. whys is the box conveniently big enough to get out of  the room.  If his been in the room surely he knows how to get out.  He suggested a fallout shelter (a nuclear bunker)There’s not much character to the character, everything is very neutral. (Character and room)

In conclusion after receiving feedback: going to redesign my character, redesign the room and think about the story more. For the story planning  for the room to be some sort of  bunker and include more items within the room. Before I decide on the aesthetics, going to  research: post apocalyptic themes, the aesthetics of various underground bunkers and possibly look at masks.

Developed, developed story.
Altered little  bits of the story compared to last time.

-Person wakes up.
-Stomach gurgles.
-He spots the writing on the wall “don’t go outside” as well as various warning signs.
-His stomach violently growls.
-View of empty shelf/disgusting food/ rotting bread with maggots.

-The character picks up the rotten bread, a maggot peeps through.
-The character vomits /gags and throw it  on to the floor.
-look around the room to find there’s no doors.(As he does so there’s a thought bubble with a door and a question mark)
-He spots a hatch in the ceiling.
-He moves the shelf and varies objects into the middle of the room.
– He stands on top of the items, pulls the hatch and gets out.

– He spots a bread tree in joy.
– He sits underneath the bread tree, eating bread from a mutated infected tree.
-Asteroids/missiles are destroying the already burning city in the background.

Feedback: they responded that it was “very strange” and that they was put off with the word “vomit” they said ACT 1 and ACT 3 was OK but ACT 2 was off. They mentioned it might be too long and complicated with the vomiting and maggots coming out for a 30 second animation.

In conclusion, might have the character:  pick up a cracker packet where only dust comes out. To cut those sections out completely and have the character notice straight away the rotting food on the shelf, or have it completely empty.




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