The line part 5: Developed storyboard + charcter designs

Developed  the storyboard and character designs.

(To be able to see the words on the storyboard, press “Ctrl” and the “+” at the same time on your keyboard.)

CapturetagCapture2tagTAG 2 charcter designs

Developed character designs. (If for instance use version 6 or 7 would use the same body as version 5). Was mainly focused on  simple mask design.

Showed a viewer, the feedback for the character design was: “go with number 6. version 8  looks to complicated due to the clothing. version 5 and 9 are okay, version 7 as well.

Drew out the room. Tried to do the lighting, making the words “do” and “go outside” more apparent.  Making it more appealing to go outside. This is the first version.
tag above room persepetive room

This is the second version, managed to make the lighting smoother.
tag above room persepetive room gradient
In conclusion: going to use the second one for both visual and speed of creating it.

Pitch feedback:
presented  the pitch today the feedback was: what’s the point of the animation, they suggested catch 22 “ you’re damned if you do and  you’re damned if you don’t”, to basically make decisive decisions and go with it because at that stage  haven’t decided on the contents of the shelf or which character design to do.  They suggested for when the person eat the bread, they mutate into a piece of bread, but might not have enough time for that in a 30 second animation.

In conclusion: Decided to make the shelf empty, so can play with the idea of if he stays in the room, he’ll starve; If he goes  outside, he could die from the fire/asteroid  or get poisoned by the toxic air.  The words in the room, make him think which outcome is not as bad as the other one. Another point for the animation is to when to heed warnings or rise above them to discover what they don’t want  you to see or to not do what people tell you so you can survive ( e.g. eat  and not starve to death or to fulfill  your need with risk)

Going to use the version 9 silhouette because version 6 and 7 are too fiddly and long to draw. Not going to do version 8 because you can’t see the silhouette of the limbs so it would be difficult to make out the movements of the character.


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