The line part 6: record of making

24/11 2015  sleep/ breathing  cycle.
Tried to animate a sleep cycle where the person is breathing, the movements looked unnatural in both versions.
In conclusion: going to skip the sleep cycle until I’ve done the bulk of the animation.

First tried animating the person getting up, when it came to animating the limbs, forgot where the joints where because of the design of the character, so decided to simplify the design even further and the second time round thought about the curve of the back. The first time round there was lines that kept appearing, when I drew the frames, made sure to check through all the frames and rub them out.

In conclusion after doing both versions, in the future I need to record someone going through the actions  and use it as  a point of reference, because people don’t start in the middle of the room and somehow get up and be at one of the sides of the room. Also from this experience learned I need to draw out guidelines to  where the charter moves beforehand, for instance a straight line in a separate layer where the character needs to stay.

25 Wednesday/ November/ 2015 – SOUND
Today I recorded most of my foiley for the animation, both in the sound booth and in the outdoors.
The obstacles I faced during recording was that: while in the sound booth can hear people from the outside, however it limits the amount of unwanted noise compared to the “great” outdoors.

Wasn’t able to record the sound of burning because it’s a fire hazard and dangerous, if record it outside there would have been a lot of unwanted noise, and the action of burning things outside, deemed as suspicious behavior. I would rather not run the risk of being accused of arson. The closest I did was just turn the lighter one with the flame, it didn’t pick up any noise when the fire was on.
The other issues was for instance: when recording outside, people talking, walking around, construction noise and other unwanted noises.
Wasn’t able to record “asteroid destroying city noise” so plan to edit some of the per-existing noises to try and capture what it may sound like.

In conclusion, the next time I record sound, beforehand I’m going to research how other people achieve certain sounds, so when it comes to the actual recording I’m not wasting time trying to figure out how to create the sounds. In short, better planning is needed.

6/12/2015 looking around the room
For the first attempt warped and bent one of the legs backward. Was mainly focusing on the thigh of one of the legs. It did not look natural, so redid the movement so the leg would glide from one place to another.
In conclusion I need to look at reference videos of how people move. The speed is too high, going to slow it down for the finial animation.

Tried to export the Animation as an image sequence from Tv paint.
This was the outcome.
Later found out the files exported the way it did, because I didn’t tick the “background box” in conclusion I need to check all the settings before exporting, to not waste time.
53  costume bread tree animate234  costume bread tree animate.png


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