The line part 7: Draft video

showed the animation so far to a viewer, they said the lines on the room doesn’t read well due to the perspective of some of the scenes, for instance when the character gets up. They also suggested for the close up shots to have the opacity of the background down so there’s contrast between the character and background. The viewer also suggested facial features for instance to show emotion and expressions.

In conclusion after the feedback, for my finial piece going to: lower the opacity down of the signs in the background so there is more contrast between the background and the character so it would read better to the audience and easier to see the actions of the character. Remove the lines on the floor to get reduce the issue of perspective, draw wires going into curves connecting all the lights to make sense of where the energy is coming for.
There was mainly mistakes with the draft for instance: when the person drops the box, the arm disappears, to correct issue, going to hold the arm frame so it doesn’t just disappear.
The reason why I decided to go for an even more simple character design is because with the character design, before it took a ridiculous amount of time and kept forgetting where the joints where. After I finished drawing the base character movements, tried drawing on top the costume, however ran into issues of for instance, with a mask how is the character able to stretch the way it does?, eat the bread and when its yawning? as well as  its hand can’t just go through its mask.
When I try to reopen the file to work on, this message  appeared. I tried to access the Auto-saves, it did not work. Decided to not work on sound for the draft anymore, just complied the files as a visual representation of what was done.
In conclusion in the future when I’m working in adobe premiere going to make sure I work on the same version of premiere, create different versions of the files and create an exported version every so often.

Feedback: Showed a viewed the animation they didn’t notice the missing radioactive sign till It was pointed out to them and they watched it again. Other feedback he provided was: he disliked the white noise and would of preferred “ do or die” instead of “ DIE or DIE”


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