The line part 8: Finail video

link one:

backup link:

four stills:


In the final piece in comparison to the draft video:
-Removed the lines in the middle of the room and placed wires connecting the middle light to the other lights, to reduce the issue of perspective as well as make sense of where the power is coming from to go to the light.
-Held the frame so the arm doesn’t just disappear.
-Cleaned up some of the layers and had to white out most of the frames so the wires don’t show through as well as looking at the frames carefully to re-position some of the layers.
-Lowered the opacity of the background detail for some of the scenes, so there’s more of a contrast between the character and background to focus the viewers’ attention.
-Placed in and edited sound clips, recorded on an earlier date.
-Added more movement to the yellow lines coming from the tree.

Unfortunately after submitting, noticed I have accidentally left out the radioactive sign out in the first couple of scenes, giving the impression of it just appearing from nowhere.
In conclusion: I should have checked through all the frames more carefully in the future.


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