The line part 9: evalution

After creating the animation, learned that In the future I need to:
-Gather reference footage of people or objects going through the actions, so know how to draw or place it in the animation in a believable manner. For example on the getting up scene the characters back seem to grow or how when laying down his in the middle of the room however end up at the side of the room, this isn’t physically possible when getting on to the same spot.
-Think more about perspective, look at or gather reference images or footage to correct the issue.
-Check through every individual frame, to make sure if everything is in the right place/ if there supposed to be there or not. (For unrubbed out brush marks)
-Make sure for instance the backgrounds are consistent, so it makes visual sense. Because in the animation the radioactive sign appears out of nowhere or how in the draft the arm unintentionally disappears.
-Think more about camera angles, for instance In the ending bread scene I should of did a close up shot of the character eating the bread then after a second or two its wide shot of when the asteroid hitting the building, to focus the viewers’ attention.
-Think more about the colours or shades used, to focus the viewers’ attention because in the draft it was hard to make out the actions of the character against the black detail of the room.
-To think more carefully about the use of sound and timing placed in the animation.

The aim for the animation was for it to have the impression of the person is stuck in the room for reasons unknown to him, his hungry, at first he panics to find the door or food around the room to only easily spot in in the ceiling and having to make the decision to “listening to the wall” and die or take the risk to find food and possibly die because of it. His obstacle being a way to get out and the objective is to find a source of food to not starve to death. The aim of the sound was to try and make it seem dramatic but anticlimactic when he gets out the hatch making it seem normal there’s a mutated tree and burning trees.
The gist: decision

What people actually got from the animation:
These are the questions I asked the viewer:
what do you think the animation was about?
what do you think the obstacle was?
what do you think the objective was?
what do you think about the atmosphere of the animation?
what do you think the sound of the animation tried to portray?

Viewers feedback: Character is trying to escape, building a tower to actually reach the hatch, to escape from the hatch, I felt chaotic, but that’s probably due to the white noise, the sound is very unique.

In conclusion I half fulfilled the purpose of the animation I tried to put across, because the viewer mentioned about escaping but nothing about hunger.


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