critical manga part2: her work

In this post, it’s going to consist of example of her work. Looking at a range of her work is relevant to see what her style is, so when drawing the comic it’s in a relevant stylization because it’s about her.

Lotte Reiniger “The Secret of the Marquise” 1922
strong white silhouettes on black. Some sections are slightly translucent/ grey colour. Display of visual animation word then visual. Use of borders and no facial features.

Lotte Reiniger 1938 The Heavenly Post Office
The angles are in white outlines and some facial features. The other characters are in blocked of black silhouettes, the backgrounds are in pastel colours. A few blocked white words appear on top of the images.

“Däumelinchen” by Lotte Reiniger
Blocked of black silhouettes for the characters and foreground. The girl has no face, slim with puffy dress, the frog has a mouth that opens straight with shapes cut out as the “whites “ of its eyes that displays the background. The either in whites and greys.

The Art of Lotte Reiniger parte 1
Watching this video that shows how she creates them is relevant t because can use it as a point of reference to draw some of the panels for instance the equipment of drawing her cutting out the puppets for her animations, as part of the comic.

1926 Lotte Reiniger – “Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed” (visual highlights)
black blocked off silhouettes, when it was a close up there was some facial features, the backgrounds are either one shade of colour or different shades of the same colour. In some scenes for example the water was displayed as moving black lines.

Cinderella (Aschenputtel) – Lotte Reiniger (1922)
curled words. Light blue and purple backgrounds. Black blocked out silhouettes, in close up shots there are eyes and mouth. Black bold Borders, in some shots on the rim of the borders it’s a dark blue grainy colour.

In conclusion, after looking at some of her work, for the comic to resemble her style going to include: borders, facial features if it’s a creature or close up of the face, supernatural creatures to be in white outlines. Because in the majority of her work she  has black silhouettes compared to white, going to do black blocked of silhouettes. The background is going to be white/pale pastel colour/ mainly a block of colour because in her pieces, in some of them she has the opposite colour of the character, a pastel colour in the background or a block of one colour with different shades at times.
For the text going to have it in a curly font because in some of her pieces the words are in curls.

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