Critical manga part 8: Finail comic

Draft vs. Finial piece
-Simplified the title page and page 2. Clean up some of the gaps, removed the glow that happened in the draft and made it a strong black compared to the dark grey.
-Rearranged page 3 and added more images for the aim for it to be less boring/ visually look more like a comic.
-Removed a chunk of text to allow text allowance to the: title, page numbers, and words in the actual panels. For the aim for it to visually retain the audience attention more.
-Added page numbers so viewer know what page their on.
–  The submitted finial piece is exactly 800 words, for the finial submitted piece accounted for: Not only the bulk of text but the words included in the panels, title and page numbers as part of the 800 words total.

Posted the comic on an art sharing site with the Same questions as the draft in different layout. These viewers never viewed the draft. They have seemed to ignore the questions. These are the responses:

Capture finail feedback

Asked a viewer who saw the old version and asked which version they preferred, their feedback was: “I prefer the newer version since it looks a lot tidier compared to the old version. I’ve also noticed that you’ve added more illustrations to page 3. I like how you’ve positioned text underneath the illustrations, because this definitely tells the reader that the text belongs to a specific illustration. I wish that you implemented this within page 4, but that was not the case. The bordering of the text itself is still quite messy, which the letters of some of the words are actually cut off by the black border.”


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