Critical manga part 9: Evaluation

Words and 800 word requirement:
In terms of the 800 word requirement of the brief, it has been meet; the comic is exactly 800 words.

Unfortunately due to the 800 word requirement, the “comic” does not look like a comic because it looks to wordy.  In conclusion For future reference need to: check and plan out size of text, make sure all the words are a consistent size, carefully plan out placement of words, images, size of images, to make it visually look more like a comic.

On title page, the words looks stretched and hard to read.
In conclusion for future reference I have to: be more carefully of placing the text and to not distort the words but to individually place each letter into the curve so the words are clearer to see.

Four page requirement:
In terms of the brief needing to be four pages long, the brief has been meet with the comic being exactly four pages long.

Matching Visual style:
In terms of the comic matching the visual style of the animator, half meet it because incorporated the borders like she does in most of her animations. For three finial piece I could have added more interesting framing, should have drawn it more smoothly and being mindful often spacing between the border and the words so no letters are cut off. For the majority of the panels drew it in blocked off black silhouettes because that’s part of Charlotte Reginier style. Because Charlotte Reginier does some detail on close up of the faces, in the comic for the title page and page 2, did that, however it should of simplified it even further to match her style further.

If comic fulfilled its purpose:
Included detailed information about the animator
In terms of getting the information across about the animator to the viewer. From feedback: I have failed to do so because there was too much text and people got repulsed, bored and stopped reading therefore they didn’t take in the information. This was made tricky because of the 800 word requirement. If there was no word limit would cut down the amount of words to less than 100 words, straight to the point and display it mainly in images.

In conclusion, somewhat meet the brief requirements, failed to hold the viewers’ attention for them to know what’s going on because they got bored and stopped reading. In the future need to think more carefully about layout.


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