Can you sit still part 5: concept

In this post it will consist of: character design, storyboard,  feedback from viewers and conclusion to what going to do for the finial piece.

14/January/ 2016
Tag charcter design- can you sit still.png

Character designs:
For the character designs:  Based all but one, on food.

For the final piece going to include 3 characters:
-A narrator- wearing some sort of uniform that’s based on a radiographer.
-If DR seedy – may or may not have a mustache, instead of lip movements; mustache moves as speech.
-A child- small
-Sir Toilet.

Radiographer character designs:
-Dr seedy: based on bread and the uniform of a radiographer.
-Miss twist: based on twirling marshmallow, uniform based on radiographer uniform   from search engines of that word.

Toilet design:
-sir toilet- based on a toilet. Didn’t include a side view because   the toilet isn’t going to move like the 2 main characters and for the moment only planning to have that character  be viewed once  in one view, unlike the other  2 characters.

Child character design (possible radiographer design if add in a uniform)
Dough bite: based on a cookie.

-Spidey lick: based on part twirly lollipop and spiders.
Decided to make it based part spider because thought it could partly address a common child fear of spiders, in a cute colourful way. By pairing up a “scary spider” aesthetics   with the appearance of a lollipop where most children associate with joy, the idea of the fear of spiders slowly taken away when seeing the animation in some way. This approach from the idea of systematic desensitisation.
Where if the character of the Spidey lick where to be viewed in the animation it would be considered low in the   fear hierarchy.
-The marsh character:  Based on marshmallows.

showed a couple of people “bough bite!: they said it looked evil because of the sharp teeth.
went on to create more characters,displayed above.

Which one do you prefer and why?
I prefer Dr. Seedy because it appears to have more character.
What do you think of them?
All of the characters seem a bit evil in my opinion, which may not be appropriate for the target audience.
What you dislike and why?
All the characters apart from Dr. Seedy seemed a bit rushed. Maybe make the character symmetrical to make the characters more appealing?
Further info?
Maybe make them look happier, especially the Marshmallow character?
Do you think the charters match the audience and why?
It does sort of suits the target audience, but maybe inappropriate for the project.
Do you think it’s suitable for an MRI animation?
Nope. If you make the characters happier then it may make the target audience happy when watching it.
Capture cookie

18/ January/ 2016

Pitched the pitch today.
The feedback  consisted of: To sort out of the tone for it to be consistent for example  for the  planed narration of the  storyboard  most of it is informal then turns formal for the  talk of the no metal  or magnified objects, and suggested to change the language to informal. They also mentioned the first few frames are a basically opening/title   and it does not need repetition.

They mentioned from where they are sitting, they could not see the storyboard because it’s too small.( in the pitch made all the frames fit on one page set at “A3”. The storyboard displayed here, set it to A5- so its easier to view it on this blog.

In conclusion:
– when creating Power Points in the future: going to make the storyboard bigger and separate it into at least 2 slides so people and see it better from a distance.
-For the final piece: going to change the language used in the narration.


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