Can you sit still pt6: Record of making.


For the cross to go through the metal objects, first attempt tried to puppet the dot to turn into a line across the screen. Didn’t work, made a separate Photoshop layer with a line and moved it into view.


Did different color variations.MARSH colous TAG
Asked a couple of people of their preference either through: in person, social media and art sites.

Their feedback:
person 1: B2 because I find it as a calming colour.
person 2: B2 seems like a neutral colour




In conclusion by finding out the majority preference, going to be using B2 = cyan colour for  the marsh character for the finial animation.

Tried to record narration unfortunately the voice either sounds depressed or sarcastic.
Changed the pitch lower to make it a male voice, some of the sarcasm is not as much but still sounds depressing.
Here’s the mock narration:


TAG redraw rockect.png
Redrew the rocket. In the middle section put the words “ sit still”. Played the draft animation to some viewers and asked if they noticed it, they said no.
In conclusion, the words are either: too hard to read, the colour blends into much or the in the animation it plays too quickly.



Tried to work on one of the scenes on the university computers. Opened the project, it claimed I was missing 18 files and this image appeared.
It was suggested to go to the “dependency” and collect the files.

Showed a viewer the old storyboard and parts of the animation so far. Their feedback and suggestions was:
– To make the tone softer
-Parts of it seem threatening,
– To not add flashbacks and to add the “beforehand” section at the beginning.
– The “no more play time for you” could be changed to that they can play at home and its waiting for them.
– The repetition at the beginning may be seen as a mistake.

In conclusion: going to change the tone and the position of events. Need to do that, and check if I exported the file corrected.
For the wire, first tried to puppet warp it and have the pin stay at right at the top. At first it wouldn’t even register, it only worked when un-parented the layer, once tried after that, the wire distorted. For the 3rd attempt, decided to go back in Photoshop and draw the line longer.

For the draft, placed all the scenes together to see what it looks like.
Had to include an extra scene after seeing a 5-6 second gap, so included the headphone scene.
Unfortunately slowed some of the scenes down already so could not cut the “ no more play time for you” scene.

In conclusion for  the final piece going to:
-place the audio’s on top of the animation.
-redraw the lines where its pixilated.
– resize of  the scenes so the black edges don’t appear as well as for the scenes to transition into each other better,  for example the 2 toilet scenes  are  at different sizes making it look Jittery.


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