Can you sit still? pt 7 finail animation

In this post it will have version 1 of finial  animation, the difference between the draft and this version, feedback  from the general audience and conclusion.


Back up, Link2

For feedback posted  a link to the animation, and a few questions to social media  and art sites.

Questions asked:
1)what do you think the purpose of the animation is?
2) What have you learned from the animation?
3) What age range do you think it’s aimed at and why?
4) your age?
5)did you like or dislike it, and why?
6) what emotion do you feel during/ after watching it?
7) Further info?




yt 1

Draft vs Final piece.
-Added audio.
-Unfortunately after placing the desired narration, there was too much gaps in between and broke the flow of the narration, so had to add in the audio I was going to cut out.
-Scaled all the scenes that had black bits appearing through.
-Tried to match the 2nd half of the toilet scene however it didn’t work, making it seem a little jittery but not as much.
– Redrew some of the lines in some scenes so it won’t seem as pixilated.

When trying to edit all the voices to a lower pitch, some of it sound out of place with some of it turning out to be in different pitches. So decided to make the voice a little higher to resemble more of a child. This served two purposes: it made all the voice sound more consistent, it makes the lyrics sound less harsh and sillier.


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