Can you sit still pt8: Evaluation

1 min long requirement
In terms of the 1min requirement of the brief, it fulfils it.

2D animation requirement
In terms of the 2D animation requirement brief for it to be a 2D animation it fulfils it.

File format at 1280 x 720
The animation had been exported into that format therefore fulfils that part of the brief.

Suitable to 6-8 year old audience
The animation somewhat suits the 6-8 year old audience.

The parts that make it suitable and worked well, for the target audience is because:
-The colours used (the choice of colours through research mentioned in earlier post)
-simple language used.
-Personified food and objects,because children are more likely to relate  and remember if not human.
-Through viewers feedback some of them think it’s aimed at that age range.

What parts might not be suitable for that age range:
The mention of  if they can even survive that long if they move.
The marshmallow appearing dead and sad face in the background.

What worked well
-Use and choice of colours, because based it on research.
-The characters somewhat worked well. That parts that worked well is because they are simple personified food or objects with basic flat colours.

What didn’t work well
-The choice of words, might not have been “child friendly” because it mentions the possibility of death.
-The voice, if have time.  In the future I would try and ask for someone to do the voice.

-The parts of the character not working well is because in some of the shots for instance the arms would appear pixilated, as well as for the bread character the outlines aren’t as neat as it could be, with it looking too rough and rushed.

-The movement of the animation, because it just looks like a glorified PowerPoint in video form. In conclusion, use a range of software to create it if did it again.

If animation fulfilled the purpose:
The animation somewhat fulfilled the purpose.
-Even through the responses came from an adult audience, the responses of what they think the purpose of the animation was half right. Only one person mentioned it’s about trying to get the child to sit still.

-From the responses. The higher pitched tone of voice makes it relevant   for the purpose of it being aimed at that age group, however the words, not so much.

-Unable to tell fully if the animation fit its purpose because wasn’t able to legally obtain a group of 6 to 8 year olds as an audience.  To view the animation and ask of their opinion in such a short space of time.

In the future, or if able to do the animation again.
-Be more careful of recording audio or editing it because sound of the narration sounds clipped. After importing it into premier a sound at end of most of the clips appeared. Trimmed some of the clips to try and get rid of it however it would cut off at some of the words.
– To decide what to do for the animation carefully before doing the animation.
– Edit the voices together earlier on in the project so if   have to record more audio, have time to do so.
– Redrew more of the pixilated lines so it won’t be pixilated or start in a large image size so it won’t be pixilated.
– Raise the volume on some of the audio.
– Ask someone to do the voice.
– Try to arrange to obtain that age range audience in advance.
– Use a range of software to achieve different effects.

In conclusion
Better planning is needed.



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