Alter ego pt1: brief and Intial reseach

In this post it’s going to depict: summary of brief and initial  research in environments.

Summary of brief:
3D animation
Duration:1 min
Export size: 1280 x 720
Format export: at 24FPS, MP4 H246
A lair  fit for  either a: superhero/ villain/ mythical creature.
Exploration of 4 internal  linked set spaces that represent the characters secret life  the best.

Start off the research by first looking at the examples listed on the brief. Then went off to look at other examples of environments from: artwork, other animations, games and photography.

Batman 1989 directed by Tim Burton. Example of environments from a feature film, via Warner bros studio

Dark, overcrowded with people and buildings.

2010 The octonauts directed by darragh o’connell via cbeebies. Example of a TV short film.

Colourful, rounded shapes. Underwater civilization.

Forbidden planet created in 1956 directed by Fred M. Wilcox. In the Uk via the “ metro-goldwyn-mayer” It an example of a feature film.

Looking at these images. It looks futuristic , deserted as if everyone has died off and the place isn’t livable. Its got plants yet it looks like a dry place.
In conclusion: after looking at this piece: going to do something about plant life and trying to preserve it in some way.

“head over heels”
created in 2012 and directed by “ Timothy Reckart. In the uk via “uk:shortsHD” its an example of an award winning short.

6In This animation things are upside down.
In conclusion : after looking at this, going to have some of the items in the environment in the final piece upside down or in a odd positions.

The Philosopher in Meditation

15Decided to look at this artwork, after looking at “head over heels” because how in this piece the stairs look like it’s going upside down.
In conclusion: going  to have a set of stairs going in some direction in the finial piece.

Spiral stairs

After looking at the “The Philosopher in Meditation” started looking at spiral staircases.

Tomb raider

Looking at tomb raider was relevant because for the finial piece planning to incorporate the idea of plants reclaiming the space,  therefore looking at these images was relevant.
In these images it depicts plants and ruins.


Looking at Aion is relevant because  it depicts as if plant life   reclaiming the space by growing on top of for instance the bridges.

Godess of destruction

Looking at this was relevant because it looks like ancient building but futuristic because of what looks like portals and how its floating in the sky.

Ruins and nature

The circler building look aesthetically pleasing.
In conclusion going to incorporate circler shapes in the finial piece.

Looked at these images because it depicts either: plants, building or both and how they look basic.
In conclusion after  doing  initial  research:
-Going to have earthly colours.
-something hinting to nature
– spiral staircase
-Ancient design
– circle building.


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