Orgins part 1

In this post going to display The summary of the brief and initial research for the project.

Project 2 of  animation studies : origins

summary of brief:
– Design a character In the style of a golden age illustrator/ animator/ cartoonist
write a character creation legend/ back story to set the scenes eg for future . (800 words)
-draw a “turn around”
(front , 3/4side, /4back and back view.
– Expression sheet (at least 5 and 2 story telling poses)

For the research, like the past projects, as a starting point looked at the examples on the brief then went ahead and searched on varies platforms. After looking at the examples of the 4 people, went off and searched up the years “ golden age” is, instead of going straight away into researching one person, researched the characters that where made within that time period.
Looked at the characters: aesthetics, origin and abilities what is going to be served as inspiration.

Golden age time period comics: 1938-early 1950
golden age American cartoons: 1928- late 1960s

will Eisner

Preston Blair

1943, his drawings for “red hot“ ( 1st image)
In 1939 he worked on “The autograph hound” ( 4th image)
Krazy Kat 1933

he worked on Bullwinkle ( last 2 images above.)

The Whalers” Preston’s first Disney piece in 1939

Looking at Preston Blair is relevant because his within the golden age. These images are relevant because   it depicts action sheets, which this project specify to draw. Looking at pre-exisitng action sheets is relevant because then  have an idea what is needed to be drawn.

Bob kane

(Batman was first published  in 1939, with Bill Finger as the developer and Bob Kane  came up with the concept.

Jack kirby
He did the art for Hela (comics) 1964

She is  Asgardian goddess of death is based on the Norse goddess, Hel.
Her powers include:Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability,Black magic, Telepathy, Life expansion, Reincarnation, Teleportation, Deadly touch (Hand of Glory),High level mystical powers.

She was a pointed as Goddess of Death, meaning she ruler’s over the dead in the realms of Hel and Niffleheim.

Unfortunately due to the year this comic was created, it does not count as a golden age comic by being about 10 years too late.  However if it were an animation it would be withing the golden age, which this is not. Looking at this was somewhat relevant because can get inspiration from the characters powers and what she is as well as thought the pattern on her clothing was interesting.
In conclusion: To research a person who has created a similar character made within the golden age.

Red skull 1941

Jack  kirby also co-created this.
Trench coat.
Red skull, tried to force himself on the shopkeeper’s daughter then killed her.
Tried to kill his own daughter because he wanted a son.
World War 2 era.
Abilities: Skilled hand to hand combatant, Strategic genius, Political mastermind, Expert marksman,Possesses cloned body of Captain America.

Scott Kolins
Blazing Skull 1941
His real name: mark Anthony todd
His occupation: reporter.
His ability: to turn his flesh invisible, invulnerability to fire.
He was trained by skull men ( burning skull race)
At first his caught up in the war, captured and tortured, fled to Brittan saved the prim minister came back to America and then  did generic crime battling.


blonde phantom ( first appearance in 1946)

The art above by Jim Steranko
created by Stan lee and Syd shores
she was a secretary of a private detective
After husband’s death, she began working for “ district attorney “ as a secretary.
she is normally UN-willingly accompany “ she hulk” into outer space.
-Where she lives even swearing is harshly punished.
She came across a mystery chemical process that allows her to be a younger version of herself.

In conclusion after reading the description of this character, for the  finial charterer going to think about regeneration/youth/rebirth because this character was able to make her self younger.

Irwin Hasen

Cat-Man and Kitten 1940

The art by Irwin Hasen.
-Cat man lived with tigers.
He has super powers that included:
enhanced agility,
natural night vision
“9 lives”.
He became a private detective.

her uncle died so catman adopted her.
she sewn matching costume and tried to prove her self, at first cataman denied her help, eventually they worked together.

In conclusion after reading  a couple  of descriptions of characters, they involve uncles.

George Brenner

The clock (first appeared in 1936)
His a hypnotist with secret lair.
mimmalist costume
His master disguise is 3 piece suit and mask.

Yankee Girl 1947
by “unknown artist”

Utters a phrase “ Yankee doodle dandy” then transforms into “ Yankee girl”
superpowers: super strength, the power of flight, and enhanced durability or possibly invulnerability.
Vault for suspended sleep to be summoned when needed.
Naïve to modern world.

Cover art by Elmer Wexler.
Black Terror 1941
He is a pharmacist.
His alter ego: a crime fighter he created a chemical, called “formic ethers”, that gave him various superpowers.
Him and his sidekick are named “terror twins”

Chris Weston
Black Widow (Claire Voyant) 1940
Chris Weston was the original artist for the black-widow.20

She’s a anti-heroine
she kills evildoers in order to deliver their souls to Satan.
People die from touch.

Origin: She began as a spirit medium, got processed by Satan to put a curse to the family she was working with, gets killed. Satan dresses her in the costume shown. She gets sent to earth to carry out her revenge, afterwards she brings Satan damned souls because his inpatient.

In conclusion after reading the description  of this character,  for the finial character origin plan to  use the idea of  a god/ demon impatience  so the character  brings  whatever they want to them.

Al Avison
Father Time 1942
Al Avison was the artist  of this.


His a Normal person
-Half naked, wears a cape, eye mask, red underwear and boots as well as carry a syth.
-Day to day name: Larry Scott
-He tries to make time work against criminals.
-He becomes Father Time to save his father who was wrongly accused, his father got hanged anyway.

In conclusion: this character looks ridiculous, so if where to base a character on this character going to try and make the most cringe worthy character possible.

Dennis Neville
Hawkman 1940
Art created by Dennis Neville
In his normal life his a archaeologist and comes across ancient weapons.
fly with equipment.
Archaic weaponry and by large, artificial wings.

walter mondrain illustration in 1950 issue


Heap (comics)
Cover art by: Ernie Schroeder.
created by Mort Leav and  Harry Stein
name of several “ muck monster” characters.
Their abilities include:
Strength and durability derived.



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