Orgins part 3:Initial design

These are the initial rough sketches of the character.
Was mainly focusing on where to place the boobs.
TAG initial charcter design

– The first one where place 3 boobs at the top then 4 in the bottom row didn’t work.
-For the second attempt placed 3 boobs on the chest then 4 on the waist.
-For the 3rd attempt placed all 7 boobs in a row on the chest.

Tried to make the characters curvy with small waists because from the initial research, most of the female characters are curvy, small waist and big boobs. Drew big hips to try  to balance out boobs so the person wont topple over and break their back. Placed a base yellow colour because in most of the female golden age female characters had blonde hair.

After drawing the 1st attempt, someone suggested to bare the weight of that many breasts, to make the shoulders wider but still add feminine features.
A couple of people mentioned that on the 2nd concept, the breasts on the waist don’t look like her breasts, but as if she cut them off people and are wearing them as a belt.
That with bigger breasts the shorter the waist.

In conclusion after drawing out the initial sketch, for the finial piece:
-Make the hips even  bigger to balance it out
– Do more research on golden age animators/ illustrator/ cartoonist, so can  start applying that style to the character, facial features, more appropriate  clothing and colour design to it.


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