Alter ego part 2: Storyboard and plan

In this post it will depict: a storyboard and a rough plan of where everything is going to go for the finial piece.

Storyboard plan

Birds eye view plan

tag birdseyeview

Unfortunately because it would be my first time using Maya and the time limit; simplified the idea with more simple objects for example the “ torture room”  not going to include any actual detailed torture or  meat extraction devices but  for instance simple spikes. Or a room full of people items is represented by boxes instead of modelling individual items of clothes, accessories or any personal items people may have.

These are the slides I presented as a pitch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Presentation Feedback:
-It’s not specific. For example saying how it’s “fit for “instead of who it’s saying specifically who it’s for.
-A character either has 3 beasts or 7 breasts. Asked why it has 7 breasts.
-It might not make sense to the viewer.
-If the bathroom was relevant.
-why is there are 3 tunnels? (Responded about the sanzu river)
-it might be too complicated with 8 floors.
-It’s like a Venus fly trap and Dante’s inferno.
-A mentioned of a 3 breasted statue  with heads on the neck.

In conclusion:
-Re-think about the accessories inside each room and make sure the accessories and the –path the camera takes make sense to the viewer.
-Be more decisive about both the character design and environment.
-Going to come create a couple of mood boards, gather some reference photos before the actual modelling to check if it’s aesthetically relevant.

References, (n.d.). growing plant. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Feb. 2016].



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