Orgins part 5:silhouette

In this post its going to depicts: silhouette, costume, hair design, face design and in conclusion witch mixture of those features would be combined to make up the finial character.

lighter tag charcter design desvolped


Was mainly experimenting with silhouette. First off I made the waist smaller and the hips considerably larger to counteract with the amount of breasts and balance out the character. Unfortunately it made the character look out of place.

The reason why I drew the silhouette with large breast and small waists with it looking curvy is because not only because it was common in golden age comics but because Jack Kirby and Will Eisner female characters depicted that.
In will Eisner’s female characters it seem to be a mixture of A- line and sheath silhouette. Tired out those silhouettes it doesn’t quite sit right with the volume of breasts.
Ball gown would be completely inappropriate considering will Eisner’s female characters style from his comic” spirit”.
Wanted to make the character look elegant, so opted for the floor length dress silhouette with no ankle business.

In conclusion: leaning towards the mermaid silhouette.



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