Alter ego Part6: Record of making

This post consists of record of making.

First attempt   the roof looks patchy. Deleted it and did it again, the issue solved itself out.
Changed the colours of the building slightly transparent so can see what I am doing. Did it for every 2nd floor so can easily remember which floor I’m working on.
tag new building roof.png


cake stand for first attempt tried to make the self-stand to have curves it didn’t looked like a cake stand so did it again with flat surface

TAG bed ver1.pngtag 13% bed pillos ect.png

On the left is first attempt on a bed then I deleted and did it again.

went through my hoard of art supplies, fridge and varies places to photograph close ups of: tiles, fabric, food walls and ceiling so can use it to texture some of the items for the final piece.
The issues faced: blurring and lighting, saturation, reflective  surfaces.
Had to open the curtain to let the natural light in to be able to take some of the photos, unfortunately large item wasn’t able to moving in the view of the natural light and caused   blurring/ shadows or bright spots in unwanted areas when tried to photograph a more neutral   surface.  For some of the items because thy had a shiny surface, it worked as a
To combat the issue:
To take a photo in daylight
to book out a camera

lighter tag sandwich3.png

Every so often when I try to use hyper-shade, the program crashes.
For the lettuce, edited a photo with a green filter, it didn’t translate well in  lettuce sandwich form.
The bread looks  out of place,  first places it  and tried to put a bump map however it looked out of place so stuck with the  the flat image.  After  doing” automatic” it looked out of place. After   reposting it  in the UV editor it still looks out of place.  I  had a go in editing  the UV in Photoshop however could already see the image getting  blury.

In conclusion if I have enough  time I will have another attempt at trying to correctly texture this abomination called sandwich.
Feedback: A viewer mentioned the sandwich looks rotten.
tag 12%chair.png
Feedback: looks like play-do and it would snap.
in conclusion: if there’s time, going to make the  legs thicker.

saw ballsaw ball2 TAG

Saw: for the first attempt tied to make a ball end but it looked out of place and  if it where made in real life, there would be nothing to rotate the saw.
For the second attempt made both ends closed and would imagine the middle section to rotate where as the  two small circles would keep  the saw in place.

falty buckect attpemt2.PNG

In conclusion: if it it comes to the actual finial render and   a different issue arises ill either( eg no colour at all in those areas): place a separate  disc at the bottom or remodel the whole thing.

Tried to model the bucket. Tried to use the fill tool it the program didn’t respond. So I tried to fill in the hole by “merge centre”. Some black sections appeared on the model. Wanted to see if this blackness affected the final product eg the colour.  I made the bucket pink, (not going to be finial colour) to see clearly the final outcome. Rendered a image, the colour does not look affected however it looks blury.
In conclusion: research about how to correctly render for the final week of the project.

After modelling the handle decided to come back to the issue of the bottom of bucket. Deleted it and tried to fill hole again. The fill whole tool worked this time however black areas still appear. Test rendered an image, it made a patchy colour, quite like it that way so going to leave it for now.
In conclusion: if it comes to the actual finial render and   a different issue arises I’ll either ( eg no colour at all in those areas): place a separate  disc at the bottom or remodel the whole thing.
TAG buckect better bottom.png
Moved the faces down and it fixed itself.
half matress tag.png

Half mattress and pillow.
Was experimenting on what shape the pillows are going to take.
Feedback: The pillows look like chewing gum

In conclusion:  once everything   else has been made going to texture the mattress with a fabric image, remodel the pillows and add springs on the inside. If there’s not enough time I would position the mattress so you can’t see the whole.

made some springs and had an other do on the pillow.
sagsuage and leg





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