Alter ego part7: record of making2 and Draft

In this post going to have a continuation of record of making and draft animations.

some of the pre-rendered rooms.

TAG 1ver sofa.png

After creating the banister from the branches of the tree, realized a fatal error in the building. The hole in the center is too small for the camera to be able to look up and view all the floors doors.
Made the hole bigger, re-positioned most of the things, once I’ve placed the actual room assets will start re-positioning the tree and stairs.

Had a couple of attempts on the phone, after the 2nd attempt decided to look at a different reference image. For now going to leave the buttons without numbers because from a distance it won’t look noticeable. If I have time I would texture the buttons with numbers.

TAG Capture.png
Issue with the referenced items. Decided to just delete them and import the item into the scene.

Faulty tree texture showed someone for an opinion to why it may have coursed it
Feedback: bad topology
In conclusion: for now going to go for a plain colour so the distortion won’t be as noticeable.
In the future I need to learn what makes good topology in a tree.

TAG lamp txture.png

tag tea box.png

tag metal tray.png
Made a silver tray unfortunately the bump map I used caused a unwanted fabric look, if I have time I would draw the texture In Photoshop and then replace the file in Maya to make the design look neater.
Textured the floor.
Tried to texture the sausages and meat, it looks out of the place unfortunately there is no time to correctly do it in Photoshop at the moment.


Re-positioned the walls and zoomed out of the building to have a look overall. Some of the floors looks squashed, going to resize and position them.
made a chocolate eclair
Re positioned all the floors and walls, cut a hole in the top floor wall. Placed doors on the walls.

Every time I tried to open the file up to work on, Maya stops working and shuts itself down.
Tried opening up old versions, the same problem occurred.
-Tried restarting the computer, it didn’t work.
– To see if it’s the actual file that’s corrupted, sent the file to a friend. He tried to open it on his computer, it crashed and apparently it even crashed the batch render.
Shut the computer down and left it off for an hour; the program took a while to load, it worked.
Some assets are missing.

faulty tree
tree falty rescale.PNG
Tried to resize the tree and re-position the branches and banister. It didn’t work, so I have to remodel the whole tree and banister.

In conclusion: I should of left the tree to last, because it now means a couple of days has gone to waste. This time I’m going to model the banister and small branches that gone on the ceiling as a separate entity.

The same thing happened yesterday, none of my files would open up,
-tried restarting computer,
– The previous versions,
-The auto save
-leaving it for a while like yesterday, checking each hour,
-left the file for half a day, didn’t work.
tag backup  cabin.png

While waiting. I attempted to create a backup project, since the deadline is this Friday.
Decided to check all the files I made separate files for and Im going to: input into a new scene, scatter them around while scattering a bunch of tree about. However I wasn’t even able to create a new project until I restarted my computer.

sent the original file to someone to see if it would open on their computer, it did. They sent me an Obj version of my file so it could be opened on my computer. Unfortunately all the textures was missing. Thought it would be quicker to use the backup model and import a couple of things from the obj. This time textured it with Maya presents on some sections.
Test rendered the tree- it was missing.
tree not show up got no faces
Closed then reopened Maya, test rendered, the tree appears this time.
TAG bridge.png
Made a bridge to the stairs and number plates on to the doors.
For the room the camera enters, the number blank says “444”, the reason I put that there is because in Chinese the number “4” sounds like “die” and considered unlucky and normally avoided.

The skin looks too big.
The skin looks like a soggy biscuit
The scene looks chaotic.

In conclusion: going to scale the skins smaller. Realized there no number blank on the door, going to make that.
Going to leave the modelling and texturing to leave time for: lighting, animating the camera and rendering time.


failed gpu

To smooth list:
First floor:
side table
bed sheets
Sandwich: bread, olive, lettuce  , ham, cheese.
tea and sugar packets
cupcake: black egg and berries
cake stand
Door handles: bathroom<outside door.

second floor
half mattress

3rd floor:

4h floor:

6th floor:



Placed lighting in the scene, it looks pixelated.
Animated the camera and its nearly 2 minute  long. 1 minute longer then the brief.

In conclusion: when it comes down to editing it, need to cut it into 1 minute or make 2 parts, minute long each.
Tried to smooth the items, the program crashed wit this message.

In conclusion: be selective in what to actually smooth.

Realized my fatal error. Forgot to take hibernate off my computer, left it overnight to render but the computer hibernated.
Can already tell that using mental ray I would not make the deadline. Its estimated it would take 21 days to render on my computer.
So decided to switch to “Maya software”. When doing the batch render it took just as much time as mental ray, even though the preview version was a lot quicker. So decided to just individually preview render each frame because it was quicker render and realized it automatically goes into tmp folder.
In this render format some of the textures don’t show up, but it’ll have to do.

Even after closing Maya  noticed it continued to render and thankfully it finished rendering the  saw   floor section,  so decided to use  the mental ray saw   parts whereas everything else in the animation in “Maya software” render due to time.
looks too dark for other scenes for example the   fridge scene plus  not the whole section of that was rendered.



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