Alter ego part9: Evaluation

1 min long requirement
-The short version: yes
-The full version no

The full version of the animation did not meet this requirement because it overran by  29 seconds.  With the total duration of 1:29 however the short version meets this requirement.

3D animation requirement
yes the animations fulfilled this.

File format at 1280 x 720
yes the animation fulfilled this requirement.

Animated exploration of 4 internal linked lit and set dressed spaces
short version: yes and no
yes because it contains 4 internal linked lit areas: long hallway, the walking through round hallway,  top floor  room, then falling to the   2nd floor.
No because:  the exploration seems a bit broken, mainly due to the camera

Full version: yes and no.
Yes because it contains 9 spaces
no because you can’t see half the items in the rooms, the room with the candle and stones was the worst, because it was moving to fast.

Set spaces that best represent my characters secret life:
The lair contains an area to lure in victims,  then they get killed and the tree containing skin where the   character  takes the victims skin to weigh the sins

If animation fulfilled the intention:
from the feedback: no
Most people seem to think it’s some psychological thing where  it’s about the viewers state of mind.
It’s not that at all.

The top floor has an unwanted atmosphere to it due to:  poor camera movement and an attempt on the fix it in the editing process. The intention of the top floor   was supposed to seem normal and luring.
It ended up   looking more chaotic then planned.
inetion ect write uppart 2 inetion ect write up


Appropriate use of sound
from feedback yes but the volume in some areas are disproportionate.
in conclusion: the volume of all the sounds need to be controlled In the future.

What worked well
Made a thing

 What didn’t work well
mainly the camera and volume of sound.

If where to do the animation again would:
– during the concept stage should of thought of one large detailed place with for instance 4 corners as    four separate spaces with  detailed   items instead of  8 floors of simple items.  Because it took a lot of time trying to fill up the empty spaces.

If there was more time: put more time into researching  different type of doors, handles,  items, history of lights  in different time periods.

Show the doors in the animation.
Start at the outside of the building.

Leave a week and a half purely for lighting, camera movement and rendering.
-Add more sound effects seems like its missing sound effects for example crashing through   each floor, because this might emphasis the falling.
– hold the frames on key items/ slow the pace of the camera on those key items.
– be more mindful of the volume of the sound so people won’t get unconformable to listening to the animation.
-add illuminating bugs flying around on the floor with the tree, to illustrate it’s a natural light source just like the character is deeply rooted in nature.
Have different light source on each floor to illustrate the history of lights as if each floor was made in different time periods.
– Stronger cut scenes to the skin on the tree.
– create items with lower amount of polys so it renders faster.
-Better lighting.

In conclusion:
-Better time management is needed.
(To for instance divide the time to have more time for: lighting, camera, rendering and editing the animation together with sound.)
-Better file management.
(Then my files wound not of got corrupted as mainly times it did, meaning losing time to actually create the animation)
-Need to learn how to   create items with good topology   so the texturing would look less distorted
-Need to learn how to texture correctly.
– learn how to correctly place and change light setting in a scene.


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