Orgin part 9: Final piece

In this post its going to contain: Turn around, action poses, expression sheet, summary about her and backstory.

Actual name: ( unknown)
Names  known as throughout the ages: vena, seer, the all see a, bringer, Eden, Esthen, Rostrale
gender: hermaphrodite.

Sexuality: asexual
Her role:
Vena is a 7 breasted plant that is essentially a servant that serves both the demon overlord and the plant gods.
Her sub boss is the plant gods, she served them by managing the environment, and making sure it flourishes.
Her main top level boss is the demon overlord. She serves him by bringing souls to him.

she judges the damned by first allowing them to drink her breast milk with the  tastes varying from, ranging from  saint till   If they are good  her milk would taste:  creamy,  smooth fruity  pleasant flavor, the effects:  paralysis them into a relaxed state, skin them  to place at the tree to  show the victims their amount of sins.  Then she eats them to cleanse them for 7 days.  After the 7nth day they come back out. She leads them to the pathways to the afterlife.

If they  have gravely sinned her milk would taste like: a rotting,  clumpy, maggot infested  feces and other vile concoction, the effects  make them more sensitive, unable to close their eyes or move while suffering hallucinations, convulsions, burning sensation, verge of suffocation.
She still eats them, but inhumanly, makes then suffer as much as possible throughout it.

Her disguise
Depending on her mood, role, and gender of the person she’s talks to she   either displays herself as a male or female.
Throughout the ages she had many side jobs eg:
A bartender that appears human, a cleaner.
These jobs allow her/ him to extract her client’s dirty little secrets and monitors their sins.

As a cleaner she also gifts her client’s plants, which acts as her eyes in the house when she’s not there.

Vena’s mother got raped, she tried to induce a miscarriage.  Even resorted to eating small amounts of poisonous fruits and herbs.  She sort her own mother for advice.

In the hope that the grandmother can pass Vena off as part of a set of twins, she became pregnant herself. When her daughter was 8 months along.  Vena’s grandmother managed to convince her husband that she and their daughter where to take a few months pilgrimage to be closer to god and make her daughter into a women ready for her husband.

They tracked as far away from the village as a possible. After 5 months. Vena being 4 and a half months old while “Fi” is 3 and half weeks old.  They make the trek back home.

The grandmother’s husband question why Vena is a lot bigger   then Fi, and what he found when checking their children’s genders.  He wanted to burry Vena.

The grandmother managed to convince him it was just “extra manhood” and how during their spiritual journey god spoke to her before the birth, with words of   gifting her with one child that will have 7x the normal manhood, strength, the ability to make other men fear him, as well as the ability   to produce life and carry herself with grace, double the average women, if taught on the right path.

Pleased with his wife’s words, raised her as a son. Throughout Vena childhood, he was taught:   grueling combat techniques, read, write, hunt, fish, swim, create a fire, climb, collect food, cut down wood, maintain the plants and handle cattle.

She was also taught how to sew, make clothes, cook, ways to please her future husband, mannerisms and how to hold herself as a women from her grandmother.

When Vena and Fi was 5 they got kidnapped, vena got gang raped by a group of “men” and their sons that believed it would bring luck. Her “sister” got gang raped while they was waiting for Vena.

Afterwards they both ran back home, FI cried out to her father and told him what happened. He honor killed Fi by twisting and ripping her head off. She was worthless and couldn’t be sold as a bride. He asked Vena if he was raped, he replied no, he couldn’t stop crying so his “father”   hit his head on to the floor. “ stop crying, you have man’s blood”

At age 8,  a  38 year old man offered to buy Vena as a bride with the payment of a plot of land and a  vast amount of animals and crops,  Vena’s  grandfather agreed.

Venas new husband raped her, she tried to kill him but didn’t work he was too powerful and beat her daily.   She suffered many miscarriages and finally gave birth at age 11.

After the grandfather overhead his eldest daughter refer Vena as her daughter to his wife, he stabbed his own wife in the head.  Dragged his own daughter into the center of   the village. Shouted out to everyone that his own wife lied to him, Vena is not his child but his daughter’s demon spawn out of wedlock. The villagers stoned her to death.

Hearing the news, Vena’s husband grabs   her while she’s breast feeding, and sticks her in the soil neck deep. Stomped on the baby’s body. They start throwing rocks at her, she struggles and manages to dig deeper in to the soil. She wiggles underground after some distance before surfacing and running into the woods, under a Manchineel Tree.

It started to rain. When the men chasing her got close to the trees, their skin blistered so they retreated.  When hunger stroke, she ate an apple from the tree, it was sweet and delicious. For 3 years she survived off un-knowingly poisonous fruits, she found a baby goat which she feed it her own breast milk and raised it.

A villager noticed her in the woods, they thought she was a witch and burned her to death. All the nearby villagers got blinded by the smoke.

Vena awoke on a sandy bank, there was a river and a tree, 2 people. The demon hag instructed her to make a stack of pebbles to paradise. She was stuck, sat there watching them   skin a man, stick their skin on the tree which caused it to bend to the ground, then they started torturing him.

She asks why they are doing that.

They simply responded “Their sinners that have done horrible things, don’t worry we will not harm you.”

She asked if she could help.
From that point she was passed on demon to demon learning their trade.

At one stage she was passed along to a succubus that gave her a  body of a 21 year old and occasional trips back to the living realm of earth to   mess with the humans.

She finally meet the demons boss, when she spoke to the demon overlord.
It yelped “feed me!”
The servants interrupted the demon overlord might want her to go to the living world and   bring him the souls to please him and avoid his wrath.

72 years later
Vena got issued a self-healing eternal vessel, with a couple of demons helped build the hotel up, she was then   left to run it.


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