orgin part8: record of making

TAG  13 % v4 set charcter design.png

First decided focus on costume, using the chosen silhouette.
For the first attempt though about  having a   piece of  fabric go around the arms, inspired by Will Eisner “”p”gell” character” that contains that, by the time got to the third  attempt, removed it because thought it was hideous.

I was taking too long coming up with the idea, by the time I got to the 5th one I completely ignored colors to  get the shapes down.
Initially drew hair but realized it would cover too much of the costume and with the detail in planning; don’t need hair or eyes to implement some mystery in the character. Eyes give too much character, don’t want people to humanize the character too much or know what the character is feeling.
On attempt 2- 3 I put the pattern on the dress, inspired by some of Jack Kirby’s designs.

On the third attempt decided to   put some sort of flower/ petals    over the hips in hopes of balancing out the silhouette   from the breasts and butt to make it curvier. On the fifth attempt removed it with the idea of, as if where leaves on the stem and opens out to the flower. This made more sense than petals then more petals at the bottom.

TAG 3% NOSE.png
For the first attempt just drew a base nose to Gage where to put the lips.  After doing the lips, looked at how Will Einer draw his noses. Tried to replicate the one he drew on “satin”
TAG 3%  head necklace.png

Taking note of the plant research drew for the head decoration:
poisonous Dolls eyes ( the white ovals with black dots)
poisonous rosary pea ( the red   with black tips)
Tried to draw the poisonous “little apple of death” from  the Manchineel Tree
and poisonous oleanders ( the flower that looks like the star of David)
Decided to draw oleanders on the shape of the star of David, as a form of trickery, this character is no god, at most a demon.

Drew a few crystals on the head decoration after research of for example: blood crystals (some blue and red), Unakite jaspe (greenish pink). Where some represent healing, fertility and safety in travel.

TAG  ribbon thing png.png
For the ribbon section of the character, front decoration.
Tried to draw the poisonous Redoul (the red berries with cross)
as a form of trickery and in the  center  the green cross tried to draw the the poisonous “Daphne”.
Unfortunately when zooming out and viewing the full turn a around, the details of the  Redoul is not  visible.
In conclusion: I should have sized them bigger/ draw a different plant.

The reason I decided to draw the ribbon near the bottom of the dress is the idea that the character if need to can untie it and: lift it up/ move easier to for instance attack people/ use the ribbon  item  as a weapon. The idea that she’s so powerful, she doesn’t need that much movement.



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