orgin part 11: Evaluation


A character in the style of a golden age illustrator/ cartoonist/ animator

Mainly no from the feedback.

Yes because:
chose to   do “ Jack Kirby” and “ Will Eisner” who both had work within the golden age period.
Took note of  the two artist with The lines of the  eg the nose and  mouth.

The bra section pattern inspired by Jack kibys  Hela character, noticed in that character there’s what appears to be black  circles a line In the middle then rest is green. So incorporated: black  dots and a line, then the rest green in the bra section
No because: the extra bright green outline around the black lines  and the shade of green is wrong, if i took it out/ changed the  shade it would of matched Jack kirby’s style more.

Black outlines– in the style of Will Eisner

Dress shape– it somewhat fits Will Eisner style with the character being ridiculously small from the hip on his p”gell character It goes straight down then flares out.
It turns into a no, because in my character I’ve done the same but   before it flares out it goes inwards.

Characters silhouette:
yes, made the character  have: a hour glass  silhouette, big breasts, small waist  and a large butt.  From the research of golden age  comic book artist characters, that’s  what  it commonly portrayed.
However in my Vena character  exaggerated it  further. This exaggeration in  shape made  it somewhat no, it does not follow characters silhouette.

The second reason made the character have a large butt, is to balance out the sheer weight of  7 breasts so  the character wont topple over.

Intention of silhouette:
Somewhat failed my own intention of the  characters silhouette, because  accidentally made it look like a mermaid, its not a mermaid.

No because:
Was more focused on putting plant elements in.The marks I used to shade some sections of  the character  doesn’t match the  artists style. In terms of shading to  match the artists more i should of used black for shading then some base  color for ” light”.

A turnaround including front, ¾, side, ¾ back and back view
yes I have drawn these 5 poses.

 Expression sheet with at least 5 facial expressions
yes drew 6
Originally wanted to do  the exact same expression for  multiple different emotions, but desired to  make each one subtle instead.

2 story telling poses:

yes drew 5.

800 words backstory / creation legend

If 10% below or above 800 words counts. Yes
The word count totaled to 879 words.

While writing the backstory, ignored word count to get the story down but
because of the limiting   800 word count,   had to drastically cut It down many sections of the original version and changed vats amounts. For example cut out the section what she does when her horrible ex-husband that comes through, what she actually does when under the demon hag and why she  has a  tree with hanging skin in her lair in another project, FGM,how her legs was binded when she was a child,  the extent of how cruel they treated Vena when she was alive but at the same time how well she was treated compared to her “sister” . How even though she was taught about plants she still ate poisonous plants “unknowingly”. However thought  what was included was enough to hint at those topics.

In conclusion: I should of  created a questionnaire then changed the  backstory to scale or add anything to the story.

For the character to look feminine:
yes, evidence: feedback, as  well as the fact  he has breasts on display, a  hour glass silhouette normality associated for an “ ideal  women” .

Character looking powerful and elegant
evidence: feedback

Resemble a plant:
yes because of the use of colours and shapes
evidence: feedback someone mentioned it looked like a plant demon.

If where to do the project again would:
-Be more careful of smoothness and cleanness of lines/ shading.
– make the lamb actually resemble more of a lamb.
-From feedback, people mentioned the character looked like shes cradling the lamb, if where to do it again would make it more visibly breast feeding.
-Put more planning before actually writing the back story for example carefully designate a certain amount of words per topic.
-write her meeting with the plant god and how they become their boss.
-work on anatomy
-pay attention more to the artist styles
– A larger range of emotions, because the character does not really show much of emotion in the face.  Should of  added in  for example a hand gesture expression sheet/ more movement to the head/ the hood could of changed shape to show a wider range of emotions.

In conclusion: I have largely failed this brief, because the  main point of the brief was to draw a character in the style of a chosen people in the golden age. No one thought it looked liked the style of the 2 chosen  people.


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