words and pictures part3:

In this post it’s going to depict experimentation and record of making.

all the yays.png
Tested out different brushes in mud box.

Test animated the word “yay”
The word is hard to see.
In conclusion: if I were to use Maya for the final piece, I need to increase the light intensity,  Parent a light  to the word, make the words bigger/ change the colour to make it easier to see.

Test recorded the mic, when played it back there was odd tapping in the background every time I pause.
After looking up reasons it could have been.
In conclusion it could have been:
-recording the sound of the running computer/ speakers and distorting it.
-The mic itself,
-The cable/ power supply used.
– I could of accidentally was tapping on something without realizing.
-Mic sensitivity/ software settings.
– There’s a ghost trying to communicate, using Morse code.

In conclusion for the actual recording:
– book out actual equipment.
– Check software settings,
–   make sure not to fiddle during recording,
– record in a non-haunted  isolated area.
-appease the local entity  before working.

Recorded my voice, it was really bad. So recorded Ryan’s voice, Not much empathize   on key words and sounded more depressive than expected there was a lot more static in most of his voice recordings.
After asking a few listeners:
They preferred my voice and thought Ryan’s voice was too flat.

Tried to put audio in after effects, it keeps cutting of part of the audio or not play at all. In conclusion only looking at the audio length as a rough guide of timing.
TAG star fonts .png
Here’s a couple of examples of testing fonts for the star.

Test animated the star, with 2 overlapping stars.
In conclusion only using one star in the final piece.

Discovered in after effects couldn’t use Photoshop layers to animate the text so have to manually type out everything again.
When working at home discovered   some of the files was missing.
missing files


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