words and pictures part5: Evaluation

Animation at 24ps format H264 at 1280 720

Direct an actor, record and animate it:
Recorded someone speaking the lines. It didn’t go as planned so end up using my own voice and animating it.

In conclusion: in the future need to ask different people and book out actual equipment.

30 seconds long
over ran by 2.24 seconds
In conclusion: I need to plan more carefully In the future.

Is it a typography animation

What didn’t go well
-some of the timing of the words was off.
-The words don’t look chaotic enough to resemble the spoken words was being echoed.

In conclusion I should have added more translucent text repeated everywhere and adjust the timing of the words appearing/ move/ disappear.

Words easy to see:
some of the words where hard to read because: of the size,  effect, colour of background and speed it was moving or appearing on screen.
Evidence- in feedback the viewer mentioned that some words are readable while some where not.

Does the unicorn resemble a unicorn:

evidence- feedback displayed on previous post.

Does the star look like a star?
Yes, it’s in a shape of a generic star as well as viewers labelled it as a star in feedback, with the questions have no mention of the word “star”.

on the sparkly star section does it resemble a sparkly star?
From feedback somewhat
someone mentioned it looked “shinny and bright”

Intention of animation:
Someone  trying to make sense of what things mean or the purpose of doing it. Gets frustrated and wants to be a unicorn.

Did I meet the above intention?

Somewhat, no one mentioned about the person wanting to be a unicorn but most mentioned   about meaning in the feedback.


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