Zombie v robot hand pt1

In this post going to depict: summary of brief and initial research.

Summary of brief
-length: roughly 1 minute long
Because of the word roughly assuming its 10% more or less. Duration length between 54 seconds – 1 minute and 6 seconds.
-In 24ps format mp4 H264 format at 1280×720
-Design, rig an animate an abandoned zombie arm and robot arm.
-awareness of goal, desire.
-In conclusion of piece meet with either fulfillment  or lack of it.
– Think Gothic still life that moves.

Because of the title assuming it has to be a battle/ a challenge between the two.

Because of the title assuming it has to be a battle/ a challenge between the two.
The research includes: animation relating either zombies, robots or both, Tv series trailers, dead moving animals. All this research is relevant in terms of: aesthetics, to see how other people portray the movement of robots/ zombies, to gather ideas of what to do for the final piece.

Looked at this because during the series the “zombies” without injections attack and move slow. When the zombies have injections  they think  logically and move “ normally”. The zombies are  forced to   dress them self’s as if they was alive as well as   treated as 2nd class citizens, forced to do jobs like criminals.

In conclusion: might  have the zombie hand move one way but change when something happens to it eg fall on a puddle of liquid on its exposed flesh.

In this the zombies are a generic green slowing  creature s with some missing parts, however there was one zombie that seem to run like a normal person. The clapping alerted the zombies, it seem to know where to go to the girl when it spots the girl.
In conclusion: for the zombie hand may implement it only moving logically when it hears something.

Looking at this video is relevant to the project because of that bird, dead creature is somewhat like a   zombie. Spasm and moving as if it was alive when a device was stabbed in it.

Included this video because thought it was interesting that even through it was dead,  the body still moves as if it was alive after soya source poured on it.

Spasm about even when dead.
In conclusion after watching this going to have the zombie hand spasm about.


The robot move to a certain direction with choppy timing. Expression in eyes. The robot had the goal of cutting a hole through   the fence but failed to realise if he cut all-around it, he would fall.

After looking at this animation, have some idea of how to block out the shapes for the robot arm and points in-between.
In conclusion: For the robot arm might include some logical thinking/ movement but no common sense.

After watching animated videos depicting robots decided to watch actual videos with real robotic hands to see how they actually move, therefore making the research relevant.

Slow movements, unnatural movements for example its able to rotate 360, loud sound.
In conclusion when  the robotic arm going to add   sound affects to empathise it’s a robotic arm.

Jerky movement.

In conclusion: going to think about rotating parts.


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