Feature pitch part1

In this post is going to depict summary of brief and initial research

Summary of brief

-Reboot a property from golden age animation of a comic artist or animator.
-In the style of chosen Indy comic artist./animator,  design and pitch   for animated feature film
-Audience- mature audience.
-Pitch no longer then 5minete.
-800 words max

Like always started research by looking at the 3 examples on the brief then ventured out on to search engines.  Before checked the time period of when the golden age cartoons took place.

Golden age cartoons: 1928-late 1960’s

Gilbert Shelton 

gilbert Shelton  fabulous furry freak bros 1971-1997

Ink lines comic, cross hatching, hippies, large words for sound effects.

Fat Freddy cats
First appeared in 1969

John Kricfalusi

Ren and stimpy

Ran between August 11, 1991 – December 16, 1995

Parodies of ads for example at some stage   they had an ad advertising how great a log is.
Flat  one colours for the characters and most of the items most of the time.
Dim misty colours. Some vignette backgrounds. Silly.
Ren an angry insane character, Stimpy a dim derpy character.

adult party

John kricafalsi went  on to create “Ren & Stimpy “Adult Party Cartoon” in 2003  for 3 episodes  because of his  bitter disappointment how it went out with too much toilet humour, the animation was put on hold.

In conclusion after watching it, for the pitch  not going to include themes for the sake of it.

Marc craste
Jojo in the stars 2004

Black and white, blob like characters, circler eyes of light, one gets mangled on the floor but still lives.
stuck on a Sunday


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