Zombie vs robot arm pt5: record of making

This post  is going to depict record of making  and experimentation throughout the duration of the project.
23% tag robort arm2.png
TAG B1  25%  brain hat.png

tag Z 2  25% modled zombie arm.png

(zombie arm)
Feedback: The wrists are to big and don’t blend  in with the arm.
To solve this, I adjusted the wrist. Added slightly more meat to the bone is well.

(Robort arm) while unwrapping realized I should of just duplicated the   fingers so would not have to individually unwrap them all.

Tried to use mud box to paint the brain, it did not go so well. Kept creating unintentional pikes. Because of this attempted to paint   indents of the brain, this did not go well either.
TAG B PAINT1  15%brain colour.png
Also thought if it was painted on the rendering time would be quicker.
Decided to go back and add more colour, it now looks less of an embarrassment. Because the topology/ UV was done wrong was not able to paint a triangle inside the hat.

TAG B4 front  19%TAG B4 back painted texture only  16%  brain hat
Exported the texture to Maya. There are gaps and it became transparent when moved to that area.
After looking online, fixed the problem by changing file type.

Feedback: your UVS are bad; you have done it wrong that is why the texture are distorted.
Your brain looks flat and where you have the butt-hole, the topology is bad.
(13/05/2015) many people mentioned the hat looked like a butt-hole.

In conclusion: If have time and  do it again would: do half on back, half at front, then half of the back of the inside then half of the top inside. Instead of cutting it straight from the middle and doing only two parts.
Make it look less like a butt hole and if I have time, go back on to it, create: dint’s, and curves to the brain hat to give it more shape.

14/ 05/2016
Mud box screenshot
TAG Bmudbox sculp 12%t.png
Read online to convert the mud box layers to specular and normal maps to place in Maya because using the actual model has too much of a high poly account. When I tried it, the desired effect did not come across and looks completely different from mud box.

(Maya screenshot)
TAG B sculpt layer maya another terrible job ( normal) 22%.png
Using a bump map on the cat eats did not work out well either.
shit ears.PNG
For now, went without the cat ears bump map, lowered the map for the brain and going to leave it for now to have time to model the actual set, rig and animate.  There was unexpected squiggle’s inside the hat, if i have time I will get back to that.
TAG B final lower bump map colour cat 25%..png
TAG zombie arm  coloursTAG zombie hand colours17%TAG bottom of arm colour12%
In conclusion:  If I have time I would go back: remodel the thumb it looks too thin and the nail is facing the wrong way, add more shades of colours and blend them, more blood on the rips/ hand.


colour rust bitgolden ryst
TAG robort arm colour19%.png
(Robort arm) Feedback: prefer your concept then your finial texture.

Developed idea  16/05/2015
showed the old storyboard to a group of people and explained instead of multiple machines going to limit it to one machine but with different rounds.

From feedback they mentioned:
You can include sound to  display the winning.
That it’s a good idea to limit to one machine however the choice of machine is crucial.
They asked if it’s the claw machine hand against the hand or the robot playing with the zombie.
They suggested a machine that the   robot is inherently better than the zombie is.
The choice of machine to make it clear that is it is in a arcade.
They suggested ski ball, basket or whack mole.
That to show the frustration of the zombie hand it can end up smashing the machine or the robot itself.
They also suggested that if they take turns for instance the zombie arm to for instance take 5 seconds  then robot arm take 10 seconds, takes over and instantly good.

In conclusion: to make it  clear that the pair are Into arcade,  going to go with the classic whack- a mole but slightly modified;  most people associate whack-a mole  to an arcade as well as it’s a lot  easier to animate, then the original ideas  of the machines in the storyboard stage.
Inspired by a whack- a- mole in my local fun station, planning to have the whack-a-mole have 2 faces. The purpose of the 2 faces is that for instance if smiling face the player gets a point, if evil face the player loses a point.


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