Zombie v robot pt 9 : evaluation

 “roughly 1 minute” long
Yes the animation is close to 1 minute with the duration being exactly 1 minute long.

mp4 format   at 1280 x 720
Yes the animation is in that settings

The arm of zombie vs   the arm of a robot
yes and no.
Yes the animation depicts a zombie and robot arm
“ vs” not  so much according to feedback not much people picked up on  the  competition between the two.
In conclusion, I should of made it more clear with for example a scoreboard heads up display, or a montage of the robot grabbing different toys out of the machine and a montage of the zombie arm struggling to hit the moles/ hit the wrong ones with the machine shouting “loser”.

Limited set:
Yes its literally two machines in a room.

The camera angles.
~The camera angles are a bit chaotic and the framing was wrong, because of   my poor choice of camera angles the miss a few details because the viewers is concentrating on something else.  For example, the drop of the prize and it going back up when the zombie have a go is not clear.  One of the camera angles used when the zombie starts up the machine, you cannot see her struggle to reach the furthest whack a mole.

~Do not really see the robot arm turning around when the zombie arm knock over the mallet.
~The amount of movement of the actual camera wasn’t needed, I should of just kept it still instead of have it follow the characters in some of the shots.
If where to do it again would:  cut down on amount of camera angles, the speed in which the camera goes, pick different angles and framing sizes.

~ Need to do better editing together.
~Unfortunately in this project had to use a mixture of   sound off the internet mixed in with the sound I recorded Because of the lack of time.
Better time management and planning is needed In the future. While in the arcade I should have recorded in longer sessions so the audio would have sounded as choppy or actually plan and record the individual elements of what makes arcade sounds separately in a sound booth then put it together.

Actual intention:
The robot arm keeps winning, zombie arm keep losing and gets frustrated. Smashes machine to steal the brain cat hat.

Did I actually meet the intention:
From feedback:
people   mentioned about the frustration about the zombie but no mention of the robot arm.
One  person mentioned the cat brain hat as a key item.
In conclusion, I should have more shots of the brain cat and held the frames longer.

That the  location is a  arcade
From  feedback, yes
people mentioned that’s it’s in a arcade however mentioned    that more set pieces might bring out more of the arcade feel, another mentioned “the room is so isolated it just seems abnormal”
– In conclusion I should of put something on the walls and  some machines in the dark.

 If I were to do things again:
~ Better time management so have time to record sound and other things.
~ More thought on sound and sound arrangement.
~camera angles.
~ Timing.
~ The pink boxes would change the colour and actually put images on them.
~Put in a montage of the robot arm taking out his prizes from the machine to make it clear that he keeps winning.
~Learn how to use dynamics and actually implement it with the machine shattering.
~The lighting, the lighting was terrible so resulted   using Maya software for the majorty and  samll bits with mental ray.  If I implemented better lighting wouldn’t of wasted time trying to render mental ray  and  end up not using most of it.
~shadows   test the shadow   settings before rendering.
~ More test renders in general before actual rendering.
~ Take the shine off the card because of the shine; it was hard to see the words on the card.

In conclusion:
I just need to practice everything in general, learn the program more.  Do not overlook lighting and sound as well as do plenty of test renders before the actual lengthy render. Better time management to be able to fit changes at the end.


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