Feature pitch pt2: Initial reseach

Went on to search engines to search for animations during the golden age time period. For initial research on this post, first noted down the creators and dates.  Watched the animations and just took notes, screenshots, on the story, action and the visual. While at the end drawing up a small conclusion.

Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors.
“Momotarō: Umi no Shinpei” that translates to “Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors.”
directed by Mitsuyo Seo
released in 1945
It’s the first ever Japanese animated feature length with it running 74 minutes.
It’s a propaganda film for ww2 for the Japanese naval ministry.
At the beginning there’s an adult that talks to the child animals, glorifying war, many scenes of birds flying, flags, singing how great the fighters are and their country. Blocked colours on the   animals,  no shading or fur detail, just flat, thin outlines, worshiping the fighters like gods and treating them to for example food and giving them high respect, scenes of them teaching children  things like the alphabet that dragged on while they did tasks like hang up white clothes and cleaning guns,
~black and white, murky,  flickery. Specs and dots appear. A bunch of singing. Animals working together. The children end up fighting.
When talking about the enemy everything is displayed in silhouettes.
Kind of reminds me of the visuals of lotte Reiniger cut outs (dating back to 1919 in some her piece was black silhouette   and had a grey mid layer silhouettes)
a3.jpgThey described the enemy as white men, the enemy calming the they have treasures all over the world and request the king to surrender a plot of land to them and ticked the king    with a coin claiming its worth something.  Then scenes of a cannon aiming to the island.
a4.png                                                                                    (Key item in detail, everything else in silhouette)
Views of planes and little knik nacks.

Water dripping from the planes onto the parachute, foreshadowing possible doom In the war.
Most of the film is just bout them preparing only about 10 minutes of them is actually fighting. The enemy is depicted as crudely drawn wimpy humans with rubbery arms surrendering, speaking English stuttering while the animals speak confidently.

In conclusion if I were to create a reboot version: remove the jitteriness so it’s easier on the eyes make it in colour and about current events instead of world war2.   Depict animals working together, uniforms. Have most of it about the anticipation/ preparation.

The Humpbacked Horse
released   on 1947
length: 1 hour and 10 minutes
country origin: Soviet/Russian
directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano
Film based on a poem

Straight off there’s a glowing horse   galloping from the sky. When there’s a boy siting underneath a tree counting.  Elonggated neck, animation in colour. Orchestral Music.
Gives the boy two male horses and a small horse and urge him not to sell the small one even if his desperate because little horse would grant him friendship. Then they just dance around.
The colours fliker a little but not as bad as the “Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors” one.
Blue hues in the dark. A bunch of singing and dancing in the film.
(His brothers)
Yellow hues to depict daytime for the background. The characters have blocked  colours and medium thick outlines.
a9.jpgWhen its fire/light, it’s a spiked pattern that goes in and out.
The boy takes the fire feather, the talking small horse gives him warnings advice and helps him.
Narrations during sections of the film, shots of backgrounds before introducing the people.
Some characters dots for eyes, majority of the men have beards.
Floaty movements.
Boy’s brothers steals the horses, he find out, the king requests to buy the horses, the boy agrees, no one lese can control them so the king hires him. The boy plays the flute and leads the horses.
Palace, some parts blocks of colour possibly to break up the details.

~Pointy nose, tall, wrinkles, long clothing to the villain that tries to get6 the kid killed. Bald on the top.
The king send the boy off to retrieve various things with the threat of death if he doesn’t.
-horse uses magic.
~Near the end the king forced him to go into boiling milk, water and frozen water, he emerges as a young man, the king intrigued jumps in the boiling milk and dies. Then it just ends with the boy walking with the women, who throws her   ring on the floor she got from the king, melting the snow.

The Scarlet Flower
country: Soviet Union
directed by: directed Lev Atamanov.
year: 1 952
Length: 42 minuets

The 2 sisters.

Shiny, flashes of light normally shown in lines. The colours are mostly in blocks. Reflective water. Some clothing change. Singing Things just appearing out of nowhere. The 2 sisters are greedy while the main girl of the story is modest.

plot:  a man with 3 daughters ,  he asks them what would they like  from his travels. The eldest daughter said: a Tierra, the middle:  a mirror  that makes her look young when she looks at it, the 3rd – a flower from her dreams
He comes back   with gifts  but no  flower. Goes traveling again a creature says he can keep the flower if he sends one of his daughters to him, that whoever wears the ring would be transported to him, if they don’t come the father will be killed. One of the daughters put on the ring, the monster said if she doesn’t come back by 8 he’ll die   of loneliness the daughter comes back. Her 2 sisters    are jealous and wind the clocks an hour behind.  She goes back, monster is close to death, and she claims she never leaves him, he turns into a blonde man
According to Wikipedia its supposed to be “ Handsome prince”

The Twelve Months
country: Soviet Union
directed by: Ivan Ivanov-Vano

Music box sounds, snow,   bold colours, the queen is a spoiled brat that wears   dress that buffs out, thin waist that creates a triangular shape. Singing, humanised months giving them human bodies. A tool- the ring..

In conclusion most of the Russian animation I came across are from Ivan Ivanov-Vano.



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