Feature pitch pt4: Evaluation

800 words max
Yes it’s below the 800 word threshold.
The word count (not including the reference slide) 797 words

Reboot a golden age animation

The pitch is about a golden age animation “Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors” because it was released in 1945.  So it falls between  1928- late 1960s where sources say that time period was the time for golden age animations.

In the style of a  comic artist/ indie animator.
Somewhat. Picked Aaron Alexovich’s “serenity rose” comic which is quite modern. Took in the thickness of line, 2 layer shading and how his selective of which parts to colour while rest in black and white.  Should have analysed the style more and made multiple attempts at drawing characters and environments, because for the character I essentially just coloured it.

 Aimed at mature audience.
Yes it mentions a pet slave with sawed off limbs and   removed teeth, Violence.
The character designs, environment and reboot idea could have been changed to be for a more mature audience.

In the future need to think of the actual today adult audience is like and what may or may not apply to them.

Summarise a story and visual style.
Yes, but could have summarised it even more.

Characters slide
I should of added more characters for example draw an alien as well as different attempts on the same character. Could have drawn the characters in different perspectives and short gifs of how they moved. I could have changed the characters a bit more. In the future need to look more of the weight of line.

Reboot idea
The story was pretty weak, could have done a lot more to it.
The original background clashed with the words so decided to  make the backgrounds black. this made the slides boring. Could have edited the background images on Photoshop then put them back into PowerPoint so it would be easier to rest the words.  I could have put more thought into the backgrounds and proved relevant background images to the topic of the slides.

Size of words
They were not consistent per slide.  I should made them a consistent size then fill the gaps with images.

Research analysis
For example   in the slide “original animation” mainly described the story.  In the future I need to lay it out better, analysis the art style more,  have  an overview of topics,  be more selective of what I talk about, better explain of how they can be  adapted to the modern day and why.


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